Monica Crowley: “It’s Called a Marxist Revolution”

Monica Crowley tells Laura Ingraham, “People need to dig deeper to understand what this is all about. Remember, Laura in 2015 and 2016, Barack Obama used the phrase constantly, called ‘The fundamental transformation of the nation.’ And a lot of people just sort of glossed over that and thought, ‘Oh, he just meant Hope and Change and he’s the first Black president, yada yada. No.

“What he meant by that – and this is all the same people around Biden are all the same Obama crowd – these people are revolutionaries. This is not the Democratic Party of JFK and Bill Clinton, where you had some moderation and everybody wanted the best for the country. It was just a difference of opinion about how to get there.

“No. We are long past that point. The people driving the country now are deliberately torpedoing the US economy, deliberately imploding the nation.

“Everything from the inflation and gas prices but also to the wide-open border, decimating the military, America’s weakness abroad, it is all of a piece. And that’s the ‘fundamental transformation of the nation’.

“When you get to the root of it, what it is, is a Marxist revolution. They’ve dressed it up, they’ve put lipstick on that pig, but it is a Cultural Marxism, an Economic Marxism and it is a CCP-style surveillance state. It is the Great Reset, which is going on internationally and particularly in the West but what we’re living through now is the American version of that.

“So, for people who are still wandering around wondering, ‘There’s got to be a logical explanation for this,’ Yes, there is a logical explanation for it! It’s called a Marxist revolution, which they are never going to back away from, particularly not now, since they’ve had so much success.

“This is not a failure, what’s going on, to them. It’s a huge success!”

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