URGENT! Tell the FDA — Vote NO on “Future Framework!”

June 24, 2022

On Tuesday, June 28, FDA’s VRBPAC committee will meet to discuss and vote on a “Future Framework” for evaluating the “next generation” COVID-19 shots. If approved, this allows vaccine manufacturers to bypass the regulatory process and skip clinical trials of newly reformulated COVID shots, in perpetuity. The science behind these injections so far has been abysmal at best. Even Dr. Paul Offit expressed concern at the June 15 VRBPAC meeting, “I do have some concerns about this [Pfizer] vaccine. I just want to air them. It does worry me that there was no protection after dose two. That was surprising.” He wasn’t the only VRBPAC member to raise concerns.

The FDA was established to regulate industries to safeguard the American people. Their oversight of the safety, effectiveness and quality of vaccines is critical to protecting U.S. citizens. In reviewing recent decisions of the FDA, it’s clear that this agency has been captured and is no longer working to protect the safety of the people but rather to protect and enrich the pharmaceutical companies.

Changing a single molecule of mRNA in these shots could change health outcomes in ways that no one can anticipate. There is no emergency with COVID that warrants skirting these regulatory processes and skipping all future clinical trials.

We have no long-term safety data. Early promises of efficacy have shown to be wrong, while reports of millions of adverse events, serious injuries and deaths from the shots are being ignored. Adults and children who have received their initial shots and boosters are the experiments. With perpetual unstudied reformulated injections and empty promises of robust post-marketing studies, they are completely abandoning science.

Please take a moment to tell the FDA, the VRBPAC committee, and your elected officials NO to “Future Framework” of COVID vaccines. All COVID-19 shots must go through proper clinical trials!

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