(Reader: TIGER) Response to Thomas Anderson about “Direct Descendants”

Reader Post | By TIGER

Thomas Anderson, 

I read your reply and I simply cannot agree that some races are better at some things than others; BUT if it were so I still think we should IGNORE that idea completely. The ability of individuals themselves should be the indicator of who can do what best. People should NOT be thinking that race makes a difference or is some indicator they might use to think one person is better than another.  Further, the way to end discrimination is by ignoring it, not highlighting it.

I had an instance over 50 years ago when I was told, we think you are highly qualified for this job but we have to hire someone else based on a racial quota. I thought that was UNFAIR now and I still do. It is RACIAL DISCRIMINATION and two wrongs don’t make a right. 

I wrote musical plays for years, but if you don’t know, there was and still is intense discrimination by age, by sex, and by race in that industry. About 90% of all competitions employ one or another form of discrimination. I unequivocally and absolutely detest this.

I think in times past it was reasonable to think someone born of a successful person might have absorbed some of their wisdom or knowledge, but today we have public education and universal access to libraries, and one can learn for oneself if one wants to. BUT if you are concerned that people don’t have equal access, I encourage you to use your private resources to do what you think is right.

The biggest problem with our nation at this point is elitism, important jobs that should be awarded based on ability are given to relatives or people who will do what they are told from the top and not think for themselves. Everything is manipulated by a status-quo mafia and Adam Smith’s “unseen hand” is thwarted.

Perhaps you heard of the term “melting pot” when America has been described. Many people in times past put aside their differences to become Americans and it made America strong. America needs that strength now to endure what’s coming. America has been laid waste to a degree and if the ship is not righted then it will be divided and destroyed.  If this country is to become great again it must be because people are proud to be Americans FIRST and anything else should be secondary or non-existent.

It is no mistake that those who wanted to take over America put a lot of money into movements to emphasize “diversity”, it weakened the country and got people thinking about “Divided We Fall” instead of “United We Stand”.

I think going forward we Americans are not going to tolerate those who won’t stand when The Stars And Stripes is passing by. If anyone thinks another country has it better they are going to be encouraged to prove their convictions and go there.

Also if anyone wants a free ride going forward they can forget it because most of the money supporting the free rides was coming from the CCP through foundations and universities etc. and due to the War has been confiscated as treasonous. Going forward those wanting compensation will work for it.

Thomas, I hope you understand I have strong ideas about this that you triggered, and I hope whatever path you seek is fruitful. I just won’t back down from trying to get from here to the America that everyone on earth who sought Liberty dreamt of.



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