Thousands of cattle die in Kansas as attack on America’s food supply continues

(Natural News) A viral video taken at the Cattle Empire feedlot in Satanta, Kansas showed perfectly lined-up rows of dead cattle. The mysterious death of 10,000 cows was the latest attack on an already-crippled food supply.

Feedlot owner Trista Brown Priest told KAKE 10 that a “deadly combination” of high humidity, scorching heat and lack of wind proved lethal to the cattle. According to veterinarian Tera Barnhardt, the animals died of multiple organ failure and asphyxiation due. She added that cattle dying in this manner are simply buried in a large hole before their carcasses spoil.

While the mainstream media (MSM), state authorities and cattle industry members point to heat stress as the reason for the mass cattle die-off, others do not share the same view.

The owner of The COVID Blog, who is born and raised in nearby Iowa, remarked in a June 21 post that southwest Kansas where Cattle Empire is located is not as humid as the Hawkeye State and that nothing similar to this event has happened in a cattle-producing state in at least the past four decades.

The June 21 blog entry noted that while it’s not entirely uncommon for fat cattle to die in Kansas at this time of year, “what is unusual is how perfectly lined up and seemingly organized the dead carcasses looked.”

“The vast majority of cattle that die yearly before harvest are killed by coyotes, dogs and other predators. The most frequent non-predator causes of death in cattle are old age and respiratory problems.”

The entry further noted that the recent cattle death is definitely “not a natural phenomenon.” It also brought up possible links to the recent incidents of food processing facilities burning down and strange new laws incentivizing farmers not to work since 2020.


Global elites: Get ready to eat bugs

With the current events that have transpired – massive cattle deaths, arson in food processing plants, vaccine deaths and the U.S. economy’s imminent collapse – analysts are starting to worry. They also predict the phenomenon of people eating insects for sustenance.

Several MSM articles and studies came out in support of “alternative protein” such as insects. Primary school children in the U.K. are now being given mealworms and crickets on their lunch plates, according to the RAIR Foundation. The school lunch included “spaghetti with beetle Bolognese,” described as “a particularly ‘delicious’ mixture of insects and plant proteins.” (Related: YOU WILL EAT BUGS AND BE HAPPY: Wales now feeding schoolchildren mealworms and crickets for lunch as part of the Great Reset rollout.)

But the foundation said that the globalist World Economic Forum (WEF), which is constantly pushing for insect consumption for the sake of the climate, has a more nefarious goal.

“The unelected self-anointed global elitists at the WEF have fought for years for westerners to eat bugs,” it said, adding that he globalists’ narrative is to motivate students and parents to protect the climate by controlling food choices.

The foundation added that the WEF has been constantly publishing alarming propaganda videos on what life would be after the Great Reset in the post-pandemic world.

“Whether they starve Americans to death, kill them with injections and/or inflation, the goal is clear. And as long as the propaganda works on the gullible masses, the cull will continue smoothly and easily for the powers-that-be,” concluded The COVID Blog‘s June 21 post.

Visit for more news about the globalists’ attacks on worldwide food supply.

Watch the video below that talks about the mysterious cattle deaths in Kansas.

This video is from the Vigilent Citizen channel on

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