Naval Mine Found At Russia’s CPC’s Black Sea Terminal

A naval mine was found near the second mooring area of the Caspian Pipeline Consortium’s (CPC) Black Sea terminal, according to Bloomberg, citing the facility’s press office and a statement from the port city of Novorossiysk, located on the Black Sea in southern Russia.

The discovery of the sea mine near CPC’s second mooring didn’t shutter operations at the terminal. CPC’s third mooring will continue to operate. Reuters said CPC accounts for “around 1% of global oil trade,” and any disruption at the facility could impact crude oil prices. 

Bloomberg vessel-tracking data shows crude oil tanker “Prometheus Energy” is moored at the terminal. 

Following the discovery of the mine, Novorossiysk has declared a state of emergency in some areas of the Black Sea. It’s believed the mine is from World War II and is expected to be disposed of in the coming days. 

CPC said on June 15 that minesweeping operations at the terminal would begin — there’s no further information on the device’s origins.

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