Ukraine Update on Day 125 of Russia’s Liberating SMO

Things continue proceeding as planned.

The scourge of US/Western supported Nazified Ukraine in the east, south and occupied parts of Donbass is increasingly being liberated day by day.

According to Lugansk official, Vitaly Kiselev, on Monday:

Russian and LPR forces surrounded Lisichansk, the partially liberated city to be entirely free from Nazified occupation in the coming days — perhaps by this weekend.

And when achieved, Lugansk will be entirely free again — except for US/Western support for cross-border shelling of residential neighborhoods by Kiev troops with killing, maiming or otherwise wounding maximum numbers of civilians in mind.

What’s happening with US/Western supplied weapons and encouragement has been ongoing since April 2014.

Yet their ruling regimes and MSM press agents falsely blame Russia and Donbass victims for Kiev’s aggression.

On Monday, the Lugansk Media Center reported the following:

“Kiev (Nazis) fired a Tochka-U tactical missile at Zimogorye. 

Over the past 24 hours, (they) shelled…LPR (controlled residential areas) three times.”

“A 40-year-old woman was killed and another three civilians were wounded in Kremennaya.”

“In Stakhanov, ten houses and 23 garages were damaged.”

Since Minsk I and II conflict resolution principles were agreed on in 2014 and 2015 respectively, Kiev (Nazis and conscript troops) regularly violated (what was agreed on by) fir(ing) large caliber artillery, mortars and tank guns which were to have been withdrawn from the contact line under the accords.” 

A state of US-orchestrated and directed war has existed by Kiev on Donbass for over eight years.

On Monday alone in Donetsk, cross-border shelling by Kiev troops killed three civilians, 13 others wounded in the People’s Republic.

Separately according to a front line Ukrainian commander, around 80% of the (US-installed) regime’s best trained, battle-hardened troops were killed or wounded since Russia’s SMO began on Feb. 24.

Heavy losses continue mounting in manpower, weapons, munitions and related equipment.

On Monday, Russia’s Defense Ministry said its forces eliminated foreign mercenaries near Lisichansk, including infamous “Georgian Legion” members involved in torturing and murdering Russian POWs.

“We found and punished them,” the Ministry explained.

According to DPR official, Daniil Bessonov, on Monday:

Ukrainian units are being eliminated or greatly weakened by numbers captured or fleeing front line positions.

Based on Russian and Donbass intelligence, an estimated 50,000 Ukrainian combatants were killed, another 150,000 wounded and out of action since Feb.

Commenting on phony claims by US/Western regimes, vassal Ukraine and their MSM press agents about alleged Russian strikes on Kiev residential areas, Russia’s Defense Ministry set the record straight as follows, saying:

“On June 26, Russian Aerospace Forces (fired) four high-precision air-launched missiles at workshops of the Artyom Rocket Construction Corporation in the Shevchenko district of Kiev.”

“This enterprise produced ammunition for Ukrainian multiple rocket launchers.”

“According to objective control, all four missiles reached the target. The object was hit.” 

“The civilian infrastructure of the city of Kiev was not affected as a result of the use of precision weapons.”

“The Kiev regime attempted to intercept Russian high-precision missiles with anti-aircraft weapons stationed in the city.”

“Ukrainian calculations of the S-300 and Buk-M1 anti-aircraft missile systems used more than 10 anti-aircraft missiles.”

“Due to the lack of coupling of air defense systems and radio equipment launchers located in urban areas, two S-300 anti-aircraft missiles were shot down in the air by Ukrainian Buks.”

“Presumably one of the downed anti-aircraft missiles fell on a residential building.”

False reports of Russian responsibility for what happened failed to lay blame where it belongs.

One or more Ukrainian anti-aircraft missiles damaged a Kiev residential building.

If struck by a powerful, high-precision Russian missile, the building would have been entirely destroyed.

It was partially damaged alone.

And this fake news about an alleged Russian attack on a Kremenchuk, Ukraine shopping center:

According to perversion of reality by the self-styled newspaper of record NYT:

“Hundreds of people were out shopping, chatting and meeting with friends in a shopping mall in central Ukraine on Monday, a rare moment of normalcy amid the horror of war (sic).”

“Then a Russian missile struck (sic).”

The nonexistent “attack left at least 16 dead and at least 10 missing at the shopping mall (sic).”

Once again, reading lines scripted by his US master for him to recite, puppet Zelensky urged the empire of lies to designate Russia a state sponsor of terrorism — for what its forces had nothing to do with.

Images of the shopping mall in question showed no signs of panic.

Its undamaged parking area was largely empty.

Ukrainian military personnel in the area weren’t involved in aiding victims because apparently there were none to rescue.

Images of firefighters involved in extinguishing a blaze showed nothing unusual, nothing suggesting a fire from a Russian attack.

Once again, its forces were falsely blamed for whatever happened at the mall, what they had nothing to do with.

Whatever caused the mall’s fire and individuals it harmed was unrelated to Russia’s SMO.

According to Southfront, the blaze was at an “Amstor shop located meters away from the workshop of the Kremenchug Kredmash Road Machinery Plant.” 

“Since 2014, the plant has been used for repairing (Ukrainian) military equipment.”

A regime “propagandist…came to the (area) to shoot provocative videos and share them on…social networks.”

“(H)is video only aroused even more suspicion of Kiev’s statements.”

He “showed the destroyed store from the inside.”

“A large number of bottles can be seen (intact) on shelters.”

If the fire was (from a Russian) missile strike,” they’d have been shattered. 

“(T)he video confirms…that there was no strike, and the building caught fire for another reason.”

“It was probably burned after military facilities exploded nearby.

It’s well known throughout the US/West that precision-guided Russian strikes on Ukrainian targets hit military ones alone.

Yet phony claims otherwise persist, knowing that Russian forces don’t attack civilian area or wherever noncombatants are located.

A Final Comment

Following the Russian-bashing — much ado about nothing — G7 summit of imperial stooges in Bavaria, a NATO killing machine summit convened in Madrid to continue plotting perpetual sanctions and proxy hot war on Russia with expendable Ukrainian cannon fodder troops.

According to US-installed alliance puppet Stoltenberg, its 30-member force strength will be increased from 40,000 to “well over” 300,000 troops — to confront nonthreatening Russia.

Falsely calling the Russian Federation “the most significant and direct threat to our security” ignored the unparalleled menace posed by NATO’s killing machine to everyone everywhere — polar opposite how Moscow operates.

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