Today’s Horoscopes Thursday 30th June 2022

Ethereal Neptune started it’s rewind phase a couple of days ago and will be in reverse until December this year, which may bring more clarity into our lives.

If there is an area where we have been fooling ourselves or where things are not clear cut, this phase can slowly bring things into focus. For your FREE Daily Horoscope Thursday 30th June 2022 please see below…

Horoscopes Thursday 30th June 2022

Aries 21 March – 20 April

With the Sun and Venus still linking to Jupiter, you’ll find a way to rise above any challenges and even to enjoy them, Aries. Your confidence may be boosted by a warm compliment and reassurance from family and friends. Kindnesses that you have done for others can come back to you, and this too could reassure you that despite everything, there’s much to be grateful for.

Taurus 21 April – 21 May

You may have a sixth sense that something needs sorting out Taurus, and this could grow as the days move along. If you tackle it early, you’ll be much better off than leaving it until things get worse. Plus, with some superb aspects on the go, you’ll attract help and support from all the right places. Today can find you in a confident mood, so make a move while you’re feeling good.

Gemini 22 May – 21 June

While you’re on friendly terms with most people, you may notice tensions developing with someone who seems keen to take control of a situation. A friendly word that lets them know about any reservations you have, might nip this in the bud. Going out with friends or on a date? You’ll have a fabulous time, with upbeat influences cementing your relationships.

Cancer 22 June – 23 July

You know you can do it, so why hesitate to make a goal or ambition a reality? It may be that you are worried about someone’s reaction if you start to do well. Perhaps your success would leave them feeling inadequate. You can’t worry about this, Cancer. You’re on a mission, and your horoscope suggests that if you have an opportunity to take things to the next level, then go for it. Be true to yourself!

Leo 24 July – 23 August

Want to take the plunge and explore new ideas? If your work has become a chore and you’re ready for a change, then why not? You could stay exactly as you are Leo, but feisty Mars may be pulling you in a new direction, and you might not even be sure what it is yet. This is an excellent time to research your options by asking around, and becoming curious about what’s out there.

Virgo 24 August – 23 September

You’ll make great progress in small ways, and this is something to be celebrated. People will be helpful, and might even overreach themselves in their effort to please. Encounters could be warm and welcoming, planting seeds for the future. If you’re planning on making a big move, then it may be wise to wait. If you’re experiencing inner conflict, a pause for thought can help, Virgo.

Libra 24 September – 23 October

The people you know seem to fall into two camps. There are those that support you to the max, and want you to do well. They are the ones who are encouraging you onwards and upwards, and who are happy every time you succeed. Over coming days, you might also come face to face with someone who is a tad jealous. If so, steer clear. Soon enough their mood will pass, Libra.

Scorpio 24 October – 22 November

There are uplifting vibes on the cards, but if you focus on what is going wrong, you’ll miss them. If you’re in two minds about an issue or having trouble at work, such matters could consume your energy, unless you can resolve to do something and free yourself up. The intention to tackle such matters may help you make the most of an encounter or opportunity that promises much.

Sagittarius 23 November – 21 December

A chance to befriend or date someone you admire, or perhaps to do business with them, may be yours for the taking. This opportunity won’t last forever, so it’s wise to go for it right away. With a more difficult aspect coming into focus, you could be swept away by other concerns, and this offer might move way down your list of priorities. Whatever good comes your way, snap it up!

Capricorn 22 December – 20 January

Have you taken too much for granted? Your plans may be thrown into disarray this week, because of an unforeseen emotional tangle at home. It might be time to take stock of commitments on the domestic front, as well as your relationships with key family members. Yet you could be offered something on a golden platter at work. Take it before someone else gets it, Capricorn.

Aquarius 21 January – 19 February

Is someone trying to muscle in on your territory, Aquarius? They may well be, but this can be a chance to turn them into friends and collaborators, rather than keep them at a distance. There’s much to be gained from this tactic, which could bring positive rewards in the future. In addition, upbeat ties to planet Jupiter, might bring good news or a welcome and upbeat conversation.

Pisces 20 February – 20 March

Is there something you want so badly, you’ll do anything to get it, Pisces? If so, you may need to face up to the fact that you’ll need to manipulate a situation or a person, if you’re to make it your own. Are you up for that? And if you do get it, will you be happy? Simpler pleasures are on offer over the next day or so, that could be much more to your taste and won’t betray your principles.

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