Billions for Ukrainian Nazis, Nothing for Americans in Need

It’s hard keeping track of how many tens of billions of dollars hegemon USA threw at Nazi-infested Ukraine since 2014 for perpetual proxy war on Russia.

At the same time, when inflation is soaring, the US economy is weakening, and growing millions of US households are struggling to afford food, gasoline, energy costs overall, healthcare and other essentials, the Biden regime stiff-armed them by a policy of I-don’t-care.

Serving US merchants of death and human misery, Pharma profiteers, Wall Street crooks, other corporate predators and Ukrainian Nazis alone matters, along with regime officials lining their own pockets.

The Biden regime intends to announce another near-billion dollars worth of weapons and munitions for Ukraine, including medium and long-range air defense systems — what’s unable to intercept Russian hypersonic missiles.

According to the Biden regime’s so-called national security advisor Sullivan, a new funding package to include the above, along with munitions and radar systems, will be announced shortly.

At the NATO forever war-promoting summit in Madrid, concluded on Thursday, the fake Biden once again falsely blamed Russia for made-in-the-USA rising food, energy and other prices.

The “Putin price hike” Big Lie wore thin long ago.

There’s no ambiguity about who’s at fault, and it’s clearly not Russia.

Separately on Thursday, Sergey Lavrov stressed what obvious to everyone paying attention.

The empire of lies and its vassal states openly demand “unconditional obedience from all states to their will, which reflects their egoistic interests — primarily,  (hegemon USA’s) interests.”

They’re also “destroying logistical and financial chains that took decades to establish.”

All things related to sanctions on Russia mainly aim to weaken European economies as a hegemon USA competitor.

And like lambs to the slaughter, their ruling regimes bow to their higher power in Washington over prioritizing their own interests first and foremost.

Lavrov stressed that the US-led sanctions war on Russia is causing “Europe (to) suffer” most of all.

And this from Russia’s National Security Council Deputy Chairman, Dmitry Medvedev, saying:

“When all means of a peaceful settlement were exhausted, when we did everything possible to resolve the situation by diplomatic methods, it was no longer possible to” avoid launching an SMO in Ukraine.”

As ordered and directed by its US master, the “refusal of Ukrainian officials from previously announced intentions and their acknowledgement that the Minsk agreements were just an excuse to play for time and build up the armed forces is what demonstrates that directly.”

For 30 years, the Russian Federation sought normalized relations with the US-dominated West.

All it got in return was dirty “tricks, deceit, pressure and blackmail.”

“It was useless to continue trying. No one heard us.”

A key purpose of its SMO “is to protect people who for years have been subjected to inhuman treatment and abuse by the Kiev regime, which violated all possible standards and norms” — as orchestrated and directed by hegemon USA.

Before its launch in compliance with UN Charter Article 51, affirming the right of self-defense, the UN secretary general and Security Council members were informed of Russia’s intention and why.

And this from Medvedev:

“Sweeping (US/Western) sanctions” on Russia — or any other nations — flagrantly breach the UN Charter and have no validity.

Medvedev called the “act(s) of international aggression” — imposed for invented reasons.

No legitimate ones exist.

“In response, (Russia) has the right of…self-defense.”

Moscow does not recognize illegal sanctions. Nor should other nations committed to the rule of law.

In response to blocking transit of Russian goods through Lithuania’s territory to its Kaliningrad region, Medvedev said Russia will respond economically, and perhaps asymmetrically, if the unacceptable policy remains in force — with no further elaboration.

“Most probably,” Lithuania acted on orders from its US master.

On whether a so-called criminal tribunal would be established to hold Russia accountable for crimes committed by the US/West and Nazified Ukraine, Medvedev mocked the notion, saying:

Do US/UK/EU ruling regimes “really believe in the possibility of holding a criminal tribunal against a country that possesses the world’s largest nuclear arsenal?”

“I’m not even talking about the practical (aspects) of such steps. It’s just nonsense. Let’s face it.”

“I can’t recall a single successful attempt to hold such a trial for the numerous military campaigns conducted by the USA in the 20th and 21st century.”

Nothing was undertaken to hold the empire of lies and its NATO vassals accountable for raping and destroying one country after another throughout the post-WW II period.

Separately on Thursday, Vladimir Putin said the following at the 10th St Petersburg International Legal Forum:

Discussing law in a multipolar world, Putin called the end of (US-dictated) unipolarity “an irreversible process” — what’s happening in plain sight.

In sharp contrast to US/Western fantasy democracies — the real thing banned by their ruling regimes — democratic multipolarity is “built on (a foundation) of mutual respect and trust, and, of course, on the generally accepted principles of international law and the UN Charter,” Putin stressed.

Defying the rule of law as it should be, US/Western “rules-based order” is all about do what we say or we’ll smash you.

Illegally imposed sanctions to make targeted economies scream is one among other examples —  what I call waging war by other means.

Putin stressed that this diabolical tactic “reached an unprecedented scale” — mainly against Russia, also against other nations free from hegemon USA’s control.

Dominance sought by one or a group of nations over others is lawless, “dangerous and inevitably creates global, systemic risk.”

“The multipolar world of the 21st century does not have a place for inequality or for discrimination against states and peoples,” Putin stressed — how the empire of lies and its Western vassals operate.

Russia prioritizes peace, stability, mutual cooperation among nations and compliance with international law.

“I am confident that, by consistently following international law and joining our efforts, it is possible to resolve the most difficult problems that the world is facing and to provide for the stable, sustainable and progressive development of all states,” said Putin.

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