Emergency Urgent Help Needed for MrOxygen

Operation Disclosure | By MrOxygen, Contributing Writer

Submitted on June 30, 2022


Loyal readers of my recent saga.

My email on my old posts is now not reliable but you can try. ATT email and posting problems. Posted this note on www.rumormillnews.com:

I cannot sign into RMNews so I have to ask Hobie the webmaster to post for me.

Click on one of his Hobie articles he authors to send him/me a message. More details there: www.rumormillnews.com.

You can ask him to relay to me.

I am 73, my old landlord died. New landlord raised rent terribly high.

After 16 years we are being thrown out because we can’t pay for it on our fixed income.

I have also been cut off from communicating with you directly.

Sudden weird computer and cellphone outages and car troubles all at once. 

The many donations we have received lately each really helped, but we are facing enormous loss. Thank you to those that really understood our plight!

But we are STILL really really in a bad way. The engine just went (fanbelt) after a tire blew apart on our 99 Ford, on top of everything else like imminent LOSS OF ALL POSSESSIONS and EVICTION with no place to go and no way to get there except like to many states away that was one place offered.

We are near Ft. Lauderdale, FL. Loosing all bank accounts for lack of address and any/all important addresses!

No home and no ability to do anything. What is happening to us is worse than many fundraising campaigns, but I am not skilled at that stuff. Are you?

Supplement business makes the best supplements, but little help to us. We are not gaining, someone else controls. 

The agencies are no help. All have two year waiting lists. We have tried everything. Have found little. We have no family here. I need YOU.

Please don’t just say “too bad…” and keep going. Feel your heart. I try to but I am too scared now. Loosing literally EVERYTHING! Imagine YOU going through that!

Please, Please, we are in desperate need of YOUR help to get out of this. Hopefully I have helped each of you. I tried best I could. I am at my lowest point ever, nowhere to go, & now no way to even get there. I am literally begging you. 

Please donate directly to www.BreathofGodMinistry.org (may have to drop the “s” from the HTTPS.) PayPal takes all cards. 

Would some big and little benefactors really dig really really deep and help us in a big way so we can start living again away from this debilitating fear? I messed up spending too much time helping people.

This disaster is like the atom bomb from hell in our lives. Could someone possibly buy us a good SUV? I hate begging, so you can see how low we have sunk for me to have to keep asking. I really can see no options. You, our mailing list family are our last hope.

My mind won’t quiet, and I now have trouble connecting to my heart. Help us please!

We all encourage each other, but this is the real rubber meeting the real road here. HELP!

I cannot physically contact you at all. This may be the only message you hear. You have to carry the ball and keep carrying it knowing you did a really good thing.

Know that I love you all.

Thanks to your generous hearts from the bottom of our family’s and my heart.

Love, Ed, Mr. Oxygen.


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