Italian nurse sees being resembling two and a half metre bird

Location: Saltocchio, Toscana, Italy

Date: February 2007 Time: 5:00 a.m.

On an early morning of a cold and foggy day, a lady, a nurse by profession, was on her way to see a patient in a house in the hamlet of Saltocchio located a few kilometers from Lucca. She was on her way to give her patient a blood test. The witness was driving slowly with the high beams on along the narrow country lanes since it was still dark. Arriving in the vicinity of the patient’s house, she noticed that in the distance, at about 300 / 400 hundred meters away, on the road she was traveling on near a bridge there was an unusual being of dark color or black. The headlights of the car partly illuminated the being, but the lady still managed to distinguish some details. The being resembled a large bird about two and a half meters high with two wings and two legs, at the waist she glimpsed a sort of red colored belt. Bewildered and frightened by this vision, the nurse stopped and left the car, leaving the engine and headlights on. Despite her bewilderment she still wanted to see the strange being in more detail, but the unexpected occurred.

The being suddenly took a prominent leap and another and in a short amount of time had already considerably approached the witness. The lady believed that if the being performed a further leap it would have been easily on top of her, so she wasted no time and jumped the gate of her patient’s home and frantically began ringing the doorbell of the house screaming, telling everyone one to come out. The owner of the house came out immediately but neither he nor the nurse were able to see where the being had disappeared to.

HC addendum

Source: Moreno Tambellini, UFO e Alieni in Italia “tecnología, armi e apparati’ citing Archivo SHADO

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