Michelle Obama Is Running for President in 2024

by Joel Gilbert, American Thinker:

It was the gasp heard round the world. “They could run Michelle Obama, and if they do …” said Monica Crowley before the CPAC 2022 audience reeled audibly in shocked recognition, cutting her off in mid-sentence.  Crowley had seen an early screener of my upcoming film and book of the same name, Michelle Obama 2024: Her Real Life Story and Plan for Power, which will be released on July 11.  Crowley was not trying to make waves at CPAC.  She was trying to send a warning.

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The CPAC crowd, and conservatives in general, have failed to realize that the ever present Michelle Obama was a potential Democrat presidential candidate.  This is largely because Michelle Obama launched a cover story for her intense political activity back in 2008 that goes like this: “Michelle hates politics.”  The media have faithfully sustained the ruse — when they discuss likely Democratic contenders in 2024, they typically leave Michelle off the list.

The Obamas needed this cover story to undo the damage that the increasingly shrill Michelle was doing to her husband’s campaign in 2008.  In February of that year, when she told a crowd in Madison, Wisconsin, “For the first time in my adult lifetime I’m really proud of my country,” Barack’s advisers knew they had to reel her in.  In the days following, the angry Chicago culture warrior mellowed into the amiable “Mom in Chief.”

For those who have monitored the Obamas closely, as I have, the plot to elect Michelle president has been obvious since at least 2016.  Michelle has been following a formula scarily like the one that got Barack Obama elected president.  Like her husband, Michelle served as the keynote speaker at a Democratic Convention.  Barack’s 2004 breakout speech introducing John Kerry made him a viable candidate four years later.  Michelle’s 2020 speech on behalf of Joe Biden established her as the favorite next nominee.

Next, Barack Obama based his candidacy on his personal story, as captured in his 1995 autobiography, Dreams from My Father.  Michelle is basing her candidacy on her wildly popular 2018 memoir, Becoming.  Conservatives failed to notice that Michelle was selling out arenas around the country, ostensibly to promote the book, but in reality to solidify her political ambitions.  There was scarcely a talk show she did not appear on, and, if that were not promotion enough, Netflix turned Michelle’s life story into a movie.

Finally, Barack started in politics by running a voter registration drive called “Project Vote.”  Michelle now aggressively runs “When We All Vote,” a project designed to showcase Michelle’s leadership and remind voters of her solid skills at reciting Democrat talking points.  The showcasing has worked.  Michelle Obama is a genuine pop culture phenomenon.  Like Oprah or Madonna, she scarcely needs her last name anymore.  She has more than 21 million Twitter followers, 48 million on Instagram, and 18 million on Facebook.

The one thing that can stop Michelle’s drive to the White House is the truth about Michelle herself.  She is not who she pretends to be, and she knows it.  As I show in Michelle Obama 2024, Michelle repeatedly refers to “imposter syndrome” in describing her own ascent to stardom, though she pulls short of detailing the ways she has deceived the nation and herself all these years.

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