‘Not Deer’ walking upright through southern Utah field

A young southern Utah boy is playing on his father’s old tractor, when he observes a odd deer buck walking upright like a human, with legs swaying by its side, and leading ahead of its herd.

I received the following account from Kyle & Cam at Expanded Perspectives:

“I wanted to share a story of my own for quite some time. I grew up in a rural part of Utah. Since we lived down south in a relatively boring area the only people we really saw were the Amish riding by on their carriages, or the occasional traveler looking for abandoned properties to explore (or we’d get a good laugh at our neighbor trying to catch his runaway cows).

That being said, there wasn’t a lot to do. When I wasn’t helping my mom or plucking my banjo I’d often go out to the wheat fields and climb up my Pops broken-down tractor. Up there I could catch all kinds of lizards, and snakes and, if I was lucky, I could see the deer walking through our wheat fields and into the bushy forest.

One incredibly hot afternoon, I saw a line of deer emerge from the forest. I always watched intently because if I was lucky I’d get to see one with real big antlers leading the pack. I saw the oddest thing that time, even to my 10-year-old mind I knew this wasn’t right. The buck, in the very front of the herd, was walking on two legs. Now I’ve seen a lot of deer on their hind legs in my day, usually when they fight. It looks unnatural and strained. But this buck was walking on its two legs hind legs so casually and comfortably, arms swinging at its side as it walked along the trail, exactly like a human wearing a deer costume.

Our wheat field isn’t small by no means, and I saw this buck stride a good half mile, almost into the bush before turning to stare directly at me. Man, now let me tell you, I’ve never in my life felt so much fear. Before it met my eyes I was watching this creature with curiosity and confusion and I was now frozen in absolute horror. I don’t know how to describe the fear and dread that overcame me at that moment. The closest feeling I can describe it to, is when you’re about to get in a car crash, and you can’t do anything about it but all your warning signals, fight or flight reflexes, and adrenaline are going off in your head at once. I was shaking to my core but was unable to move from the tractor. This buck stared at me for what felt like hours. But in reality, it was most likely only a few moments. Then this creature walked into the forest along with his herd.

I’ve never seen anything like it to this day. My mom told me I saw a “Not Deer,”  like the white man’s version of a skinwalker. Turns out my cow-chasing neighbor had seen a few too, although his stories were much scarier than mine. Whatever it was, I’m glad it took off and left me alone.” A

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