Joe Biden’s Mental Decline Cannot Be Hidden, Excused Or Covered Up Anymore By The MSM – At This Point ‘Dementia Joe’ Is The Number One Danger To America’s National Security

by Susan Duclos, All News Pipeline:

Commentary and analyses below the highly disturbing video below.

This is Joe Biden. This is the man that occupies the White House. The man out supposedly representing the citizens of the United States of America.

Joe Biden’s mental condition is no longer something that democrats can wave away as  “gaffes” or “stuttering,” or just “forgetfulness.” As seen above, and in other recent examples shown and discussed below, this is a man that appears so confused, mentally handicapped, and weak, that he is quite literally a danger to America’s national security.


Even democrats, in “private” conversations, according to the left-leaning The Hill, are concerned, while nearly 60% of Americans are worried about his mental and physical fitness. Undoubtedly that number is higher but most liberal democrats won’t admit it out loud, nor answer polling surveys in such a manner.

Via Breitbart:

Additional polling shows a majority of voters believe Biden is unfit to be president and doubt his mental ability, 58 percent saying he should publicly disclose his mental health condition. A majority of voters expect Harris to assume the presidency before Biden’s first term ends.

The polling comes after Biden flashed a notecard with detailed instructions of how to act as commander in chief. “YOU enter the Roosevelt Room and say hello to the participants,” the notecard instructed Biden. “YOU take YOUR seat”:

Other recent indications that Biden’s mental decline has gotten so bad that no amount of damage control on the part of the MSM, the White House, democrat politicians or liberals online or off,  can hide the disturbing reality that Biden cannot make it to the end of his term, despite his assertion that he will run again in 2024.

• Biden falls off his bike.


• Biden gibberish.

In the video below, starting at the one minute mark, Biden makes a statement that even has Canada’s PM Justin Trudeau looking uncomfortable on behalf of Biden.

The text of the statement:

Two years ago, COVID-19 didn’t need any reminders about how critical investments in healthcare systems were and health sec- — and health security is, both to fight the pandemic and to prepare for the next one, because it will not be the last pandemic we under- — we have to deal with.

Covid-19 didn’t need any reminders… alrighty then.

For those that can handle watching a little longer, notice how often Biden slurs his words. That goes far past the MSM prior excuses of “Biden stutters,” or has always been gaffe-prone.

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