Praising Apartheid Tyranny

Leave it to NYT prostitute of the press, Thomas Friedman, a figure notorious for hack journalism over the real thing, the latter absent in his columns from hell.

Time and again, he calls fantasy US/Western democracies the real thing — reinventing apartheid Israel in similar fashion — despite nothing remotely democratic about all of the above.

Yet Friedman defied reality by falsely claiming that by cobbling together an array of Israeli parties, most with scant support — including a few Knesset seats for Palestinians — the regime headed by Bennett and Lapid achieved “something…remarkable (sic).”

Ignored was continuity, dirty business as usual like always before in the apartheid state.

Like most politicians, Bennett and Lapid did what’s expedient to gain power.

For them, it was over rival Netanyahu.

For Israelis, it was the equivalent of a choice between death by firing squad or hanging.

In the apartheid state, it requires control of at least 61 of 120 Knesset seats.

So Bennett and Lapid sacrificed a little to gain what they wanted most, rotating premierships.

Slamming Friedman’s “contemptible” trash, what’s in all his burn-before-reading columns — except to critique them — Mondoweiss accused him of “eras(ing) apartheid, blam(ing) Palestinians for their own ongoing oppression, and prais(ing) those who would abandon their cousins under occupation,” adding:

“Friedman displays a comical ignorance of Israeli politics, a bit of knowledge you would think would be…basic (stuff) for the (NYT’s) leading (Israeli apartheid) apologist.”

Throughout the US/West and Israel, democracy as it should be is a four-letter word.

Fantasy versions alone exist, the real thing virtually banned.

Whenever so-called elections are held, money, power and privilege always prevail over governance serving everyone equitably, according to the rule of law.

Reinventing reality is Friedman’s stock and trade, the way other MSM pseudo-journalists operate, notably at the lying machine NYT. 

Dubiously claiming that what Bennett and Lapid cobbled together — with power-grabbing in mind — is “the only way to effectively govern democracies in this era of rapid technological, demographic and climate change” ignored what he’ll never admit.

Apartheid and democracy are as incompatible as fire and ice.

The myth of global warming climate change — perpetuated by Friedman and likeminded re-inventors of reality — ignored that for millions of years, humans and animals with similar longevity survived in climates ranging from steaming hot to frigid cold, as well as from climate-related disasters.

The global warming myth and other fake news shift attention from issues mattering most.

Throughout the US/West and in Israel, whatever combination of coalition rule is cobbled together is likeminded on what matters most — serving privileged interests at the expense of most others, worlds apart from democracy as it should be.

In this respect, Bennett and Lapid are cut from the same mold as Netanyahu — especially on regional peace and all things Palestinians.

Before their coalition dissolved, the former duo gained power a year ago the old-fashioned way — by cutting better deals with partners than the latter.

And the only reason a few powerless Palestinians were added as coalition members is because their support was needed to empower Bennett and Lapid with a Knesset majority.

Without them, Netanyahu would have remained prime minister.

No matter what combination of Israeli parties comprise coalition rule, Palestinians are ill-served, abused and treated like fifth-column threats because they’re Arabs, not Jews. 

What Friedman swept under the rug and ignored was what was essential to explain.

It’s much the same in all his rubbish — turning reality on its head his specialty.

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