Officers Escorted the Crowd into the Interior of the Capitol Building

The following footage was obtained from the United States Department of Justice. It contains surveillance video of the Upper West Terrace doors of the United States Capitol on January 6, 2021.

Just after 2:33PM, police officers allow five individuals to exist the Capitol through the Upper West Terrace doors.

At 2:34PM, a gentleman holding an American flag catches the door just as the last protestor leaves.

He turns to the crowd outside and waves towards the door.

At the same, at 2:34PM, a gentleman with a red cap approaches the interior doors.

As the police officer notices him, he continues to approach. The police officers holds the door for the protestor, as he enters the Capitol undeterred.

At 2:35PM, a large group enters the interior of the Capitol with police standing at the doors.

As a steady stream of protestors enter through the Upper West Terrace doors, they can see police officers standing at the interior doors allowing the people to pass.

A steady stream of individuals pass by police as they stand aside without deterring protestors for several minutes.

At 2:40PM, police stop the protesters to speak to them again.

At 2:44PM, a police officer on the bottom of the screen can be seen speaking to the officers in front of him and pulling them away, indicating to the crowd that they are allowed to enter.

The officers then turn their backs to the crowd, which indicates they do not possess fear of the protestors. The officers then escort the crowd into the interior of the Capitol.

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