Russian Foreign Ministry’s Ukraine Update

First some breaking good news after the Ministry’s Ukraine update was published.

Lisichansk, Lugansk is virtually liberated from the scourge of US/NATO-supported Nazified occupation.

Their last stronghold in the LPR is free at last. According to its People’s Militia spokesman, Andrei Marochko:

“In the locality of Lisichansk, there are still local pockets of resistance.” 

It’s “insignificant. Ukrainian troops lost their combat capability and control.”

They’re defeated, mopping-up operations ongoing.

Russian and LPR forces surrounded the city, pockets of remaining resistance being eliminated.

Lugansk is virtually liberated for the first time since 2014, residents joyously greeting Russian and LPR forces.

According to the puppet Zelensky regime’s fake news:

“The city is not encircled (sic).”

It’s “under the control of Ukrainian troops (sic)” — ones either captured or nowhere in sight.

Even the Russophobic Washington-based, neocon-infested, Institute for the Study of War admitted reality as follows, saying:

“Ukrainian forces likely conducted a deliberate withdrawal from Lisichansk, resulting in the Russian seizure of the city on July 2.” 

“Geolocated footage showed Russian forces casually walking around northern and southeastern neighborhoods in Lisichansk in a way that suggests that there are few or no remaining Ukrainian forces in the city as of July 2.”

“Ukrainian military officials did not publicly announce a troop withdrawal but neither did they report on defensive battles around” the city.

Its residents are free at last. A Banner of Victory was raised over the city’s administration building.

In retreat, Ukrainian troops left a trail of destruction for MSM to falsely blame on Russia, including Lisichansk’s city hall wreckage.

Ahead of the city’s liberation, Russian Foreign Ministry’s spokeswoman, Maria Zakharova (MZ below), said the following:

“Almost the entire territory of the LPR, a considerable part of the DPR, all of the Kherson Region and big parts of the Kharkov and Zaporozhye regions, as well as the ports of Mariupol and Berdyansk in the Sea of Azov (were) liberated from neo-Nazis since” Russia’s SMO began.

“In liberated areas, people are returning to a peaceful life, restoring the economy and industry, and rebuilding infrastructure.” 

“Companies are starting up again and schools, kindergartens, outpatient clinics and hospitals are reopening.”

“(F)reight and passenger railway traffic between Crimea and Melitopol” resumed.

Since February, “over 2,150,000 people, including over 340,000 children” crossed into Russia voluntarily to be out of harm’s way.

Over the same timeframe, Moscow delivered about 37,000 tons of food, medications and other humanitarian aid to liberated Donbass residents.

In stark contrast, Ukrainian Nazis massacred civilians, destroyed vital infrastructure, and falsely blamed Russia for their crimes of war and against humanity.

Zelensky regime infowar propaganda war rubbish continues daily, what’s repeated by its MSM press agents of Big Lies and mass deception.

The myth of made-in-the-USA global food crisis persists.

No Russian blockade of Ukrainian grain exists, just hegemon USA’s prevention of Russian grain and other agricultural produce from reaching Western and other countries.

Yet in cahoots with her US master, Germany’s so-called foreign minister, Annalena Baerbock, turned reality on its head as follows, falsely saying:

“Russia is consciously using hunger as a military weapon taking the whole world hostage (sic).” 

MZ justifiably slammed her Big Lie, saying:

“She is not just lying, but lying arrogantly and cynically.”

She “forgets that it was her country that historically used hunger as a weapon and took people hostage, destroying the civilian population in trying to wipe our country from the face of the earth” during WW II.

“Russia is ready to export tens of millions of tons of its grain if Western bans against it are lifted.” 

At the same time, the empire of lies and its Western vassals continue waging long proxy war on Russia with Ukrainian foot soldiers.

The growing human toll of their large-scale losses is of no concern to their regimes.

The scourge of hegemon USA’s rage to dominate other nations by brute force leaves no doubt about “the relevance of (Russian SMO goals to be) fulfilled” as planned, MZ stressed.

On Lithuania’s freight transit blockage between Russia’s mainland and its Kaliningrad Oblast, MZ explained that Moscow won’t tolerate an artificially created barrier between two parts of its territory, adding:

If the issue isn’t resolved satisfactorily, the US-controlled Nauseda regime can expect “painful” response. 

On what masquerades as G7 leadership, MZ stressed the following:

Its ruling regimes bear full responsibility for all things Russia and Ukraine.

None of what’s ongoing would have happened if agreed on Minsk I and II conflict resolution principles were observed by Kiev.

On illegal US/Western sanctions with more of the same likely to be announced, MZ stressed the following:

Hegemon USA-dominated Western regimes aren’t “fit for the role of the arbiter of the fate of the world.”

“They have no moral right.”

“We would like to once again point out that Russian leaders have a clear strategic understanding of the situation and what needs to be done, on a system-wide basis, to protect the Russian economy from external pressure.”

“We are working persistently on the implementation of existing plans.”

“If necessary, the government will adapt these plans to the changing conditions, as it has repeatedly stated.”

Russia stands tall on the world stage in sharp contrast to the decadent, depraved West.

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