The Time For Compromise Is Over – There Can Be No Compromising With Baby-Killing, Gun-Grabbing People That Think There Are 58 Genders

by Susan Duclos, All News Pipeline:

There was never a time in politics where the two major parties, Republicans and Democrats, agreed on social and fiscal issues, but there were able to hammer out deals giving a little, getting a little, where no one was totally happy, but at least some things could be negotiated with compromise.

I’ll admit freely that being a conservative means I am inherently biased toward the positions of Republicans, but that doesn’t change the radical or extreme positions democrats are increasingly taking.

From gender-related issues to abortion to the second amendment to climate change, and more, liberal democrats are taking more and more extreme positions every day.


The democrat party has been taken over by socialists and radical fringe elements.


How do you compromise on the amount of “genders” there are, when simple biology shows that “males” are born with a an X and a Y chromosome, and a woman has two X chromosomes? No matter how many drugs are given to people, or how many surgeries they have to remove parts of their body so they can look like another gender, those chromosomes do not change.

The is basic biology, yet the “party of science” or so they claim to be, refuses to acknowledge it, and if someone dares to state the facts they are accused of “hateful conduct” on social media, labeled transphobic by liberals, and generally treated as bigots.

There are two genders, yet I have seen claims of 58 genders by liberals.

How do you compromise with people who think it is just fine and dandy to use medications like puberty blockers, or surgically mutilate children under 18, just because they want to be the opposite gender?

How do you compromise when some of those pushing for such an abusive policy, which in many cases is irreversible, are men, pretending to be women and are part of the Biden regime?

WATCH: Trans Admiral Rachel Levine Pushes Puberty Blockers, Sex Change Surgeries for Kids at Trending Politics

As a Republican, as a conservative,  just as a normal, rational human being, how do you compromise with that position without it encouraging the abuse and mutilation of children?


How do you compromise with people that think it is a “right” to slaughter unborn children?

In1973,  the Supreme Court created a “right” to so if it were safe, legal and are, as former president Bill Clinton once claimed (a ruling the Supreme Court finally overturned in June 2022), yet 63 million unborn babies were murdered in the U.S. since that original ruling.

Anyone claiming that is “rare” is lying.

Worse yet, as the years continued, liberal democrats started calling for late term abortions, killing a child in the womb that had a heartbeat, and was moving around in the mother’s womb.

Over the past few years we have seen liberal democrat politicians argue that mothers should be allowed to have those babies killed right up until the moment of birth.

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