Dutch Farmers, Fisherman Protest Job-Killing Climate Policies

dutch farmers

dutch farmers

Greenie policies have destroyed Sri Lanka and Pakistan, and they destroy pretty much any economy wherever they go.

The revolt has now hit the Netherlands.

According to RedState:

You won’t see it on any of the alphabet networks, but a protest movement is exploding in the Netherlands after the government moved to shut down farms in order to “fight” climate change.

The contentious move, pushed by the World Economic Forum, was enacted as part of an EU agreement that seeks to limit the release of nitrogen.

Fishermen, too:

The government passed a greenie law to cut nitrogen and carbon emissions by 50% by 2030, and then blandly declared that yah, yah, “the honest message…is that not all farmers can continue their business.” [bold, links added]

So for the Dutch farmers, who are among the world’s most productive, who feed a continent and beyond from their tiny artificially created landscape, with, yes, cows, which are all about creating this newly created problem of nitrogen as well as cow-fart carbon, are suddenly the target.

They’ve got to quit producing and die. Pay no attention to the fact that not every nation can sustain cows but would like to buy beef and leather and gelatin and milk and all the other things cows produce.

They all will now see shortages at the supermarkets and worse still, shortages of cow ‘byproducts’ that are sold as crop-saving fertilizer around the world.

Pay no attention to the unintended consequences the Dutch farmers are warning about. The central planners have spoken, and now the cows must die. Too bad about the farms and farmers and consumers.

So now we see another yellow-vest style revolt, and the backlash is big. It’s similar to what we saw in France and Canada not long ago.

None of these earlier protests had much effect, but these revolts keep coming and that may well be because of the rising numbers of failures of these greenie policies.

We all saw what greenie policies did in Germany, leaving it with sky-high, sixfold increases in electricity prices, blackouts, and reportedly even water rationing in Hamburg, which happened when they foolishly got rid of their nuclear power plants, and got themselves dependent on Russia for energy, found themselves Putin’s puppet, and now are paying the price.

We know what happened when Sri Lanka’s entire economy collapsed on greenie organic policies that destroyed the agricultural sector.

We know what happened in Texas when the state found itself dependent on wind power for heat during a winter freeze. The message gets louder and louder.

And the backlash gets bigger. Let’s hope the Dutch farmers succeed where others didn’t.

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