Promoting Health Destruction

Advice from WaPo’s Pharma-linked, medical fraudster Leana Wen is all about destroying health, not protecting it.

On June 30, she was at it again on all things flu/covid — pushing health-destroying kill shots and related toxic drugs over known safe and effective treatments.

A drug to shun is Pfizer’s so-called anti-viral paxlovid.

During trials before the Pharma-controlled FDA approved what it should have rejected, the drug caused flu/covid symptoms instead of alleviating them.

Instead of administering it to jabbed individuals, Pfizer’s trials only used unjabbed ones for a drug almost exclusively being used for individuals who got one or more kill shots.

Instead of warning about hazardous to health paxlovid, Wen pushed it, saying:

For high-risk individuals with “underlying health conditions, you should not wait until you have symptoms before you start paxlovid,” adding:

Take it “to prevent progression to hospitalization and death (sic).”

Ignored was that the drug risks harm to health instead of protecting it.

Yet according to Wen’s perversion of reality:

“Paxlovid is an excellent treatment for (flu/covid) for those at high risk from severe disease (sic).”

Yet she admitted what she called “paxlovid rebound,” saying:

“Someone who tests positive for (flu/covid — what’s nearly always false because of how tests are administered she failed to explain — who thinks the 5-day paxlovid treatment protocol helped after completing it, can experience “relapse.”

Wen failed to explain that the drug can aggravate what it’s promoted to alleviate but doesn’t.

It should be shunned because it doesn’t work as falsely promoted —harming health over the other way around.

Defying science, Wen suggested that taking the health-destroying drug for 10 days could be more beneficial than 5. 

The more doses of a harmful to health drug taken, the worse off patients are likely to be.

Avoiding a health-destroying drug altogether is the only sensible option.

What Wen should have advised, she suppressed.

And of course, the same reality especially applies to kill shots, what she’s been pushing all-out since their rollout about 18 months ago.

As for “relapse” from a health-destroying drug,” she called it an “inconvenience (sic).”

And again defying science, she falsely claimed that harmful to health paxlovid “reduces the chance of hospitalization and death by nearly 90 percent (sic),” adding: 

“Individuals at high risk for severe illness should not hesitate to take this highly effective antiviral pill (sic)” — what’s clearly not what she touted.

On whether double-jabbed and boosted individuals should get a 4th kill shot, she falsely advised them for the following type individuals:

Ones “with moderate or severe immunocompromise (sic).”

“Adults over 50 who received three (Pfizer or Moderna) doses and who are at least four months out from the last” one (sic).

“Adults (regardless of age) who received” a J & J kill shot and booster” after a four-month time lapse (sic).

Saying health-destroying jabs “provide excellent protection against severe (flu/covid) illness” is belied by over 7 million reported US/Western adverse events and around 750,000 deaths — in the last 18 months.

Recommending their use defies the urgency of shunning them. 

Like other Pharma-linked doctors and scientists, Wen repeatedly pushes what’s essential to shun with protecting and preserving health in mind.

The Biden regime didn’t offer Americans jabs cost free with good intentions in mind.

Just the opposite diabolical aim!

They’re all about eliminating unwanted segments of society at home and abroad, along with serving the interests of Pharma profiteers.

Everyone jabbed was harmed. The more jabs gotten, the greater the self-inflicted harm.

There’s no ambiguity about what’s indisputable.

Since kill shots became available in the US, their toxins disabled around 3 million Americans.

Over 80% of jabbed pregnant women suffered miscarriages.

Numbers of eye disorders skyrocketed nearly 3,000%.

So-called sudden adult death syndrome increased around 90% in Britain.

Researcher Steve Kirsch reported that deaths of young people “in their sleep is now happening on a regular basis.”

Severe reactions to jabs happen with disturbing regularity.

Kill shots for infants and young kids are all about damaging their health beyond repair.

US/Western and allied regimes are mortal enemies ordinary people everywhere.

Serving privileged interests exclusively at their expense, they want maximum numbers of what Henry Kissinger once called “useless eaters” eliminated.

That’s what kill shot mass-jabbing is all about, why shunning them is crucial.

A Final Comment

Pandemic News got it right, saying “ban (kill shots), not guns.”

In US/Western societies and wherever else Pfizer, Modern and/or J & J kill shots are being used, they’re “murder(ing) mass(ive) numbers” of unwitting people.

The “highest death rates in the history of the life insurance business” are occurring, and they’ll keep increasing in numbers if kill shots continue unchecked.

Countless “millions of people who got Fauci (kill shots) are stricken with new disorders and diseases,” including flu/covid.

“Americans who take prescription medications are the sickest people in the world.”

“America doesn’t need gun control legislation.”

“We need prescription drug control legislation.”

“We’re under constant attack by Big Pharma via deadly drugs” and most deadly of all kill shots. 

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