(Reader: KS) Response to Ponder Everything about “Questioning the Plan”

Reader Post | By KS

First, it sounds to me like you are Not indeed “Pondering everything”, as you seem clearly, to simply be regurgitating the so called White Hats claim that WE are to blame for all of this. Let me ask you this then since you seem to be “Picking and Choosing” exactly WHAT you Ponder. Because to “Ponder Everything” as you say, would ALSO INCLUDE, Pondering those points of Fact that NightWisp, Rambo, myself and others on here have pointed out. There are Multiple sides to view. Not just One side or the other here. There is a 3 person perspective that you are not taking into consideration and IT SHOWS by your response. There is Also even a 4th side/perspective to indeed be “PONDERED” here. And even many more perspectives depending on just how far you want to run that Rabbit, since Q likes sending us all down a bunch of Rabbit Holes to Dig and Research so that we can NOW KNOW, More of those things that we didn’t “Know” before. Ignorance of something, is NOT KNOWING but doing anyway. STUPIDITY however, IS KNOWING, but Still doing it anyway! The so called WH’s, want to Blame this all on the IGNORANCE of the masses to all of these evil doings, as their Excuse to make us suffer, when in FACT, it has been Their own Stupidity All Along. Especially since, By their Own Confessions, they have Indeed KNOWN about all of this since JFK’s Assassination OR LONGER, yet Allowed it ANYWAY! I CANNOT Stop, what I Don’t KNOW is Happening, and Neither can YOU! ESPECIALLY, if Neither you Nor ME, have the Ability, Means, or Resources to stop it. While YET, these so called WH’s DID, have the KNOWLEDGE of it all, the MEANS and RESOURCES and ABILITY to Stop it, YET ALLOWED IT to happen Anyway! You and I can KNOW about it (at least bits and pieces we may have learned over the years), but Still not have the means, or resources and ability to do anything about any of this LEGALLY NOR PHYSICALLY!!

Were YOU present in 1871 when Congress placed their own “New Constitution”? Were you ancestors there to KNOW about it? Did anyone from DC send out messages abroad to every corner of America at that time to INFORM everyone of what they did? Did anyone send out any EMAILS to INFORM everyone? Was it broadcast in all the News Papers back then? The answer to all of these is NO! So could YOUR Ancestors have Stopped what they Did NOT KNOW about that being done in Washington DC then by this Evil CABAL? Did your own family have the Means to have stopped it if they Had known?? Did they have the Fame, Prestige, Renown, FINANCES, or Military Might to have stopped it if they HAD known? I highly doubt it. Neither did Any Other family have that sort of Power and Influence UNLESS, they were either Part of this Cabal, or Had those means to do something But were Eliminated By the cabal. Were your own parents Wealthy enough to fund a Military force to stop it? Even if they had Aid from their neighbors?? Could a whole town/city, have all come together to STOP THIS without the Funds and Weaponry to do something? Again, that answer is NO. Neither did MY OWN FAMILY have any of those means. Just as I am pretty sure that Most POOR PEOPLE ON THIS PLANET did not have those means to stand against or STOP a beast so large by the time the US was even Formed, that it could have done anything to stop them after being depleted of funds and weaponry and manpower after only 100 years of breaking away from the Crown in 1776. This CABAL, has existed Far Longer and Anyone who has put in the time, research and effort to actually LEARN about it since the 1970’s/early 80’s AS I HAVE would Know that. Did “I”, or my poor family have the means to stop it, OR EVEN KNOW ABOUT IT?? NO!! So STOP being a Mocking Bird please with your spewing out what the White Hats have given as THE REASON for “IT HAD TO BE THIS WAY”!!! That claim by them, IS A LIE from the time it was first Spouted out! Just LOOK at how difficult a time the WH’s are having NOW with all of their Knowledge and HISTORICAL EVIDENCE of Just How LONG this Cabal has been doing this!! If they have been around for thousands and thousands of years doing all these things AS THE WHITE HATS KEEP CLAIMING, then they have clearly become MASTERS at Deceit just as Satan has Always been. So you Know the Cabal were smart enough to take advantage of Absolute Power back then WHEN I NOR MY OWN POOR FAMILY WERE EVER EVEN BORN NOR YOURS, to Continue what they had been doing for Thousands of Years Without Our KNOWLEDGE. NONE of us Could have STOPPED something that Happened thousands of years ago. Just as much as YOU Could not have Stopped Global Slavery of Humans being sold to the Asian countries for Centuries LONG before America was ever even “Discovered” in 1492! I am NOT RESPONSIBLE for ANY of that BS!! And Could NOT have Stopped it! So for the WH’s to “CLAIM” that I am Responsible, or YOU are Responsible, or NightWisp is Responsible or Anyone ELSE is Responsible for the DS’s Actions, IS A LIE FLAT OUT RIGHT!! So Please STOP Repeating that BS!! You and you ALONE are Responsible for YOUR ACTIONS. If You were to Kill Someone, only YOU are responsible. BUT, If a Cop KNOWS ahead of time what YOUR Plan is AND DOES NOTHING to Stop you, then HE/SHE TOO, is Responsible for that person’s death because they KNEW and Did NOTHING!! The White Hats Claims, that We are the Reason the Cabal got to this point IS EXACTLY THE SAME!! WE, Must have First KNOWN about it and Did “NOTHING” in order for them to correctly lay all of this At OUR FEET!! But Since THEY KNEW and did nothing while we DID NOT KNOW until NOW, That puts THEM in the position of that Cop who knew of Your Crime and Did nothing. He doesn’t get to Blame the general public for not Stopping you while THEY didn’t Know BuT HE DID!! Stop please STOP with That PURE BS!! I can KNOW something All day long! But if I can’t PROVE IT, then I myself have Zero means to STOP it. Therefore, I am NOT RESPONSIBLE for it if it does happen!! If I knew and TOLD the authorities of YOUR plan, and They did nothing or told Me to PROVE MY CLAIMS (as the so called WH’s seem to have such a difficult time doing) before they will do something, then I am NOT Responsible for that person’t death. YOU still would be and You ALONE! If I Gave the authorities PROOF, and THEY did nothing, then THEY as well as You are Responsible for that person’s death. NOT ME! But if my next door neighbor Never Even KNEW about any of this, THEY are Not “RESPONSIBLE” for a Damned thing in any of it! Are they?? NO!! So Stop with that EXCUSES BS already please! It Doesn’t Hold Water so to speak! That LIE from the WH’s, is equivalent to the COP, Telling Me as a third person, hey buddy, I KNOW this person is about to commit a murder, but I’m NOT going to Do Anything about it even WHEN I CAN PROVE WHAT I CLAIM, Then, I’m gonna BLAME YOU for Knowing about it and NOT STOPPING IT when You have zero Authority or Power to have stopped it in the first place!! THEN, I’m gonna hold YOU Accountable and make YOU and Your FAMILY SUFFER in Many Ways for Months or even YEARS until “I” CHOOSE to “Let You off the Hook”! Until “I” think you have learned YOUR LESSON in all of this! Just everything About THAT Claim by the the WH’s how WE are to Blame for all of this, sounds EXACTLY like Some BS the DS/CABAL would say to “JUSTIFY” their actions against Us While THEY SUFFER NOTHING and it is WE, the POOR, the SLAVES who Suffer the Most here!

Signed Reader KS


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