Dutch Police Fire Live Shots At Farmers Protesting Arbitrary Green Diktats

dutch tractor

dutch tractor

An official investigation is underway after Dutch police fired live shots at anti-green agenda protesters in the Netherlands.

The country has seen multiple unruly demonstrations across the nation in response to the government’s plan to cut nitrogen emissions by up to 95% by 2030. [bold, links added]

Farmers say the policy will lead to at least 30% of Dutch farms being put out of business as they’re forced to cut the number of livestock by the same figure.

Anger has intensified after the government revealed the same nitrogen cuts, being proposed in the name of fighting climate change, won’t be applied to the airline industry.

The incident unfolded last night during a confrontation that took place in the northern town of Heerenveen.

Video footage shows officers shooting at a tractor, which they claimed was trying to evade law enforcement.

Authorities claimed “tractor drivers attempted to drive into officers and service vehicles,” adding, “A threatening situation arose. Warning shots were fired and targeted shots were fired.”

The tractor was hit and the three suspects were arrested, with no injuries being reported.

Video of the incident does not show the tractor attempting to “drive into officers.”

One of the suspects shot at by police was a 16-year-old boy.

The National Criminal Investigation Department has launched an official inquiry into the incident.

Farmers have also purchased a tank that they are using to blockade distribution centers as a reminder to the public about what will happen if food supplies are drastically impacted by globalist climate change policies.

Supermarket shelves are already running empty.

“Fishermen in the country have also begun blocking ports in solidarity with the farmers,” reports Zero Hedge.

Farmers have also protested by pouring manure on government offices and outside the homes of ministers.

The shooting in Heerenveen is sure to be another flashpoint for further unrest.

Government attempts to impose their green agenda on farmers have led to a rash of suicides, with three farmers killing themselves in the last two weeks alone.

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