Bombshell details about underwater UFOs exposed as mysterious objects spotted speeding at 158mph

UFOS are real and have capabilities beyond anything the world has seen, including what appears to be the ability to vanish into the water, investigative film maker Jeremy Corbell said.

Radar video seemed to show one of at least 100 flying objects that swarmed Navy battleships off California’s coast in 2019 – which were dismissed by the military as “drones” – disappear into the water.

Radar images show the object flying over the USS Omaha appear to vanish into the waterCredit: Jeremy Corbell

This is one of six pieces of corroborative evidence – confirmed by the Pentagon – of a 2019 incident where flying objects swarmed military warships

This object was dismissed as a ‘drone’ during May’s Congressional hearing, and military leaders said they haven’t fired upon UAPs but an active duty service member told The Sun the Air Force hasCredit: Jeremy Corbell

Corbell, who was the only civilian named during May’s Congressional hearing on UFOs, obtained and published six pieces of corroborative evidence that was confirmed by the Pentagon.

Only one of those six pieces was shown during the historic public hearing, and Scott Bray – the Deputy Director for Naval Intelligence – said that they’re “reasonably confident” the objects were drones.

Even if they are drones – as in unmanned objects – they’re not “conventional” drones, Corbell said.

These objects hovered at 21,000 feet for more than four hours and flew at speeds of 158 mph (138 knots), according to documents released by the Navy.

Since the hearing, Corbell has been a crusade to prove to the American people and Congress that they’re being lied to “through obfuscation and omission.”

“UFOs are real and remain a national security issue bigger than we knew,” he told The Sun.

But while the debate has revolved around whether the objects were drones or UFOs, videos released by Corbell appear to show the object vanishing into the water.

That’s “crucial” because it shows these “technologically advanced crafts of unknown origin have proven that they can defy” principles of resistance, Corbell said.

“It was understood that they disappeared into the water, leading to the hypothesis that these objects are transmedium.

“Transmedium is the ability to traverse space, air or sea without destruction, seemingly defying the known laws of inertia.

“As an example, our greatest aerospace capabilities require heat shielding. That change in medium is so dramatic that our craft can barely resist.

“However these advanced crafts that we know of as UFOs appear immune to our understanding of inertial effect. For example, moving faster than the speed of sound without a sonic boom.”

Corbell, who has a multitude of sources, said that capability “leads our military to believe that they’re gravitationally propelled.”

That means “they appear to envelope their craft with a gravitational distortion to allow for true transmedium capability beyond what our military or any technologically advanced nation has been able to demonstrate in the theater of war or otherwise.”

The Senate Select Committee on Intelligence passed a bill last week that specifically mentions “unidentified Aerospace-Undersea Phenomena,” which gives this theory more credibility.

The bill would “increase transparency and promote efforts to reform the declassification process,” according to a June 23 joint statement by committee heads senators Marco Rubio and Mark Warner.

Corbell said that he’s aware of similar events in the same operational area that aren’t yet public, as well in the South China Sea and current active war zones, that these crafts are “routinely observed and either engaged or dismissed” by the US military.

The object that flew over warships before it seemed to disappear into the waterCredit: Jeremy Corbell

The debate continues to swirl around if the object seen in 2019 was a ‘drone’ or UFO, but its capability that seemingly allows it to traverse air, space and water is a national security concernCredit: Jeremy Corbell

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