British Airways Cuts 10,300 More Flights Through Summer 

It will be a messy time for flying around Europe as British Airways announced it would cut another 10,300 short-haul flights through the end of the summer. The latest round of cuts means the airline has slashed 27,900 flights due to post-pandemic staff shortages.

The Independent broke the story on Wednesday afternoon and added to the 17,600 cancellations the flagship airline carrier of the UK made at the end of June. 

British Airways has now taken 4.5 million seats out of the market. The latest round was announced ahead of a Friday deadline for airlines to cancel flights this season without losing slots next summer,” the British online newspaper noted. 

Most of the flight cancellations will be centered around Heathrow Airport, a major international airport in London, England. But also expect cancellations at Gatwick and London City airport. 

A British Airways spokesperson told The Independent that trimming thousand of flights from its schedule will mean the airline will be more flexible and minimize delays and cancelations this summer. 

“The whole aviation industry continues to face into significant challenges and we’re completely focussed on building resilience into our operation to give customers the certainty they deserve.

“The government recently decided to give the whole industry slot alleviation to minimize potential disruption this summer. While taking further action is not where we wanted to be, it’s the right thing to do for our customers and our colleagues.

“This new flexibility means that we can further reduce our schedule and consolidate some of our quieter services so that we can protect as many of our holiday flights as possible.

“While most of our flights are unaffected and the majority of customers will get away as planned, we don’t underestimate the impact this will have and we’re doing everything we can to get their travel plans back on track.

“We’re in touch to apologize and offer rebooking options for new flights with us or another airline as soon as possible or issue a full refund.”

Air travel across Europe is fraught with long delays and mass cancelations — similar to the flight chaos in the US. Airlines on both sides of the Atlantic have made a move to reduce flights in their attempt to minimize future flight disruptions. 

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