Deep State’s False Flags Getting Bolder

by Alex Newman, The New American:

The federal government is lying and has been lying about key incidents, including covering up its role and the facts in critical events such as the Oklahoma City Bombing, The New American Senior Editor William F. Jasper told Alex Newman for this special episode of Behind The Deep State. Jasper did perhaps the most in-depth investigation into what happened in Oklahoma City, and found some extremely troubling pieces of evidence that the Clinton administration was trying to sweep under the rug. More recently, he expressed suspicions about the supposed conspiracy to riot by white nationalists in Northern Idaho.


In between, the FBI has been regularly involved in key events, such as the now-debunked FBI-led plot to “kidnap” Michigan Gov. Whitmer. Jasper suggests that understanding these facts is foundational to understanding how the Deep State works and what may be coming.

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