FNC’s Prior Says Father of the July 4 Parade Shooting Suspect ‘Culpable’

Fox News co-host Jeanine Pirro said Wednesday on her show ‘The Five” that the father of the man who has now confessed to the murders resulting from the mass shooting at the Highland Park, IL Fourth of July parade was also criminally “culpable.”

Pirro said, “They could’ve prosecuted that kid early on, or they could’ve gotten him the mental health he needed. His father was culpable. His father said he sponsored him in order for him to get a gun. In order for him to sign off for that kid to buy a gun under the age of 21, he had to answer questions about this kid’s mental health. Everyone knew about this kid living with a kid. He tried to commit suicide. He is alone or in isolated. You know the kind of music he is singing and other crazy stuff that he is drawing. That’s when I am looking at a social media.”

She added, “So I think that the parents are in deep legal trouble as well they should be. I think that the police have to stop saying there’s nothing we could have done. We did not have anyone to sign a complaint. Baloney, I would’ve filed a charge in that case and a second. And domestic violence cases, family members don’t like to file a complaint. You bring the case in the name of the people of the state of Illinois and wherever it falls out at the end is where it ends up, but in the meantime, you get the kid in the system, you get a record on them, and you track him from that point.”

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