Hegemon USA’s Deplorable State

Notably since hardline neocons began running things in the empire of lies and forever wars against invented enemies, hegemon USA  — and the West overall — have been in steady decline.

A Pew Research poll provides more evidence of America’s dismal state.

Things have been steadily worsening since undemocratic Dems usurped power in 2020 by the most brazen election fraud in US history — then installed an unelected mumbling, bumbling imposter as head of state.

According to Pew Research polling results reported on June 6, public trust in how hegemon USA is governed hit an all-time low of 21%.

In 1958, during the Eisenhower presidency, public trust was 75%.

It was around 70% during JFK’s tenure — before CIA assassins eliminated him.

In 2021 after Dems usurped power, it was 24%, based on Pew Research data.

Now only 1 in 5 Americans trust the nation’s ruling authorities and lawmakers.

Two-thirds of respondents (65%) said US politicians running things serve their own interests exclusively.

Only 1 in 5 respondents (21%) said US public office holders serve the nation overall or communities they represent.

At a time of economic weakness, an unprecedented everything bubble, the highest inflation in 75 years, a nation perhaps heading for protracted Main Street Depression conditions — while permanently at war by hot and/or other means against invented enemies free from imperial control — things much more likely to worsen ahead than improve, the level of public distrust in the US ruling class is unsurprising.

The dismal state of the US economy got the Biden regime to seek China’s help to ease things.

On Tuesday, China’s Vice Premier Liu He and Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen spoke by video link — at the latter’s request.

Hegemon USA considers nonbelligerent, non-menacing China its top longterm threat — because its rising prominence on the world stage heads toward surpassing the empire of lies economically and perhaps in all other respects during the 21st century.

Yet on bended knee, the Biden regime reached out to Beijing for help in curbing inflation.

Possible easing of US tariffs on Chinese imports is on the table for discussion.

Commenting on their talks, China’s Foreign Ministry spokesman, Zhao Lijian, said the following:

“We have noted the (false) accusation of ‘non-market economic practices’ from the US.”

“What the US said does not comport with facts.”

“What has happened over the past 40-plus years shows that the success of China’s economy is also the success of the reform and opening-up policy, and the success of marrying the market with the role of government.”

“This is the valuable experience from China’s economic development.”

“China’s reform and opening-up is good for China and for the world.”

“It has not only propelled China’s economic development but also made key contribution to the prosperity of the world economy.”

“On tariffs, China’s position is consistent and clear.”

“Lifting all the additional tariffs on China is good for both China and the US and good for the world.”

“According to the estimates of US think tanks, the removal of tariffs on imported Chinese goods will strip 1% off inflation in the US.”

“Given the high inflation in the US, the sooner these tariffs on China are removed, the sooner it will benefit American consumers and businesses.”

On July 7 and 8, G20 foreign ministers will meet in Bali, Indonesia. 

China’s Foreign Minister Wang Yi and interventionist Blinken will reportedly meet for talks.

In June, on the sidelines of the Shangri-La Dialogue in Singapore, China’s Central Commission for Foreign Affairs head/CPC Central Committee member, Yang Jiechi, met with the Biden regime’s so-called national security advisor Sullivan.

Despite meetings and other bilateral communications when occur, tensions between both sides remain high because of hostile US Asia/Pacific actions in a part of the world where it doesn’t belong.

Time and again, Chinese officials and analysts stress how the empire of lies provokes Beijing as part of its containment agenda against all nations free from its control.

Given longstanding US hostility toward China, its ruling authorities most likely won’t aid the Biden regime deal with its weakening economy in a significant way.

According to Chinese Academy of Social Sciences research fellow Lu Xiang:

The fake Biden has “a big headache as his approval rating is even lower than his predecessor Donald Trump at the same stage of presidency, which is a great humiliation.”

“The pressure to win the (November) midterms is heavy and serious, so he must find solutions to at least make some changes.”

A weak US economy growing weaker complicates things.

Chinese Academy of International Trade and Economic Cooperation deputy director, Bai Ming, believes that while the US might ease some tariffs on Chinese consumer goods, it may increase duties on the nation’s tech firms.

And this from Renmin University’s International Monetary Institute research fellow, Chen Jia:

The US economy is bogged down by stagflation and likely recession.

Things are more likely to worsen ahead than improve.

At the same time, arrogance defines US relations with nations free from its control — offering little in stark contrast to unacceptable demands and actions.

Whatever comes from the current US outreach to China will most likely be more negative to Beijing’s interests than positive.

A Final Comment

Interventionist Blinken won’t meet with Russia’s Sergey Lavrov in Bali at the G20 foreign ministerial gathering.

Nor will Lavrov meet with puppet Zelensky if he shows up in person or visually by video link from his Polish hideout.

Russia’s foreign minister mocked him justifiably, saying:

As directed by his US master, he’s “an indispensable part of any gathering now.”

“Apparently, in the intervals between receiving instructions from Washington, he is happy to deliver tearful speeches whatever the format (of a gathering) might be.”

“Russia couldn’t care less” where he is or what he does, a pathetic example of anti-leadership, worlds apart from the real thing.

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