(Reader: George) Do as you were Told

Reader Post | By George

– Do As You Were Told – 

Here we go again, just like timjoebob predicted in 

“Something big will happen within the next few days to bring more believers into the fold. It will go something like this:

“The Alliance scored a major victory today or yesterday and the tables have definitely turned…”

And, Rambo posts:

“The next 30 Days in this Great Nation will be unlike anything you and your loved ones have experienced..”

*YAWN* Yeah, riight.  How many times have we heard this, along with ‘huge’ news and ‘big happenings’?

Rambo stated the problem, waited for reaction and then gave a solution.  Classic.  Classic Cabal strategy.  More poopcorn, more deaths, more tent cities and needles(s) deaths.

Did someone get to Rambo?

Why is nothing shown publically?

‘They’ have it all, ‘they’ are in control, ‘they’ are waiting for x percentage of people to wake up. (Is it 80% or 90% this week? It keeps changing.)

The fastest way to wake people is to SHOW them what White Hats have done/are doing; IF they are doing anything at all.

If they have control why have they not taken over the media and shown us their actions? What happened to GESARA/NESARA? Why are known and recognized criminals still running the show? It appears they DO NOT HAVE IT ALL.

More likely their actions are so reprehensible that they dare not show us what they have done for fear we will chase THEM down the street.

They do not want us to see them hurriedly bleaching those black hats til they turn grubby white.  They do not want us to see them grabbing control of the mechanisms of the Cabal so that WHs can take their positions and rule over everyone in their place.

What did we miss?

While everyone was poring over q-drops we missed the bigger and far more important message in plain sight, in the very beginning.

Initially they said “the military is the only way.” Perhaps they told us the truth but, like hearing Trump say ‘Biden is shot’, we misunderstood what was being said.

At the time of America’s founding a ‘well-armed militia’ WAS the military. Citizen soldiers stood to defend their country. Back ‘before the storm’ and before the white hats became corrupt, someone gave us the real truth. They told us what the “trigger event” will be.

Someone told us nothing will change til Americans take up their 2nd amendment rights and go street by street, house to house, to clean up the mess in America. We know where the warped media shills hide. We know who the crooked politicians are. We know the points where illegal aliens are invading our country.  We know where the toady zionists are living it up while we suffer and die, while homeless infants starve in the street. 

But the new white hats suddenly don’t want that for they are now part of the problem.

Do not mistake this for a mob but for the plan and execution of military operations to supplement the work of the American military. The American military is not supposed to operate on American soil. They are intended to face threats outside of our country. The militia can operate on American soil and deal with this massive internal threat.

There are more registered hunters in the United States than the largest standing army of any nation. Nothing can stand before our united militia.

Also, now they are telling us not to expect an external savior but to look to ourselves; to be responsible for our own lives, health, safety and ascension. Connect the dots and a very clear picture emerges. If you want action, you must take action.

So, will you still sit on your couch with your popcorn and wait for the change that will never come or will you do as you were told…

By George


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