(Reader: Rambo) Operation “End Game Protocols” Activated, Part 2

Reader Post | By Rambo

My Friends and fellow Patriots.

First, to everyone who is despondent over “The Plan” and the lack of disclosure, to everyone who is brave enough to have their voices be heard, I bring good news to you all.  As mentioned in Part 1 that I sent two days ago, it was leaked by Phil Godlewski that he had some important information that his contact had told him to sit on until further notice regarding the 2020 Election.  He was given the “green light” to let it out and I’m happy to share with you this tonight, 7/6/2022, with high hopes that maybe our discontent with the pace at which the Whitehats were conducting their “supposed” operation has been taken to heart.  Was it a coincidence that this is now coming out, maybe, but it is never wrong for “We the People” to voice our concerns regarding the people with whom The Constitution gives us authority over, EVER!!

Without further adieu, here is the 7:17 second (interesting) video:


Several things:

First:  Personally, I don’t think that the Whitehats would’ve given Phil this information to put out unless they wanted us Digital Soldiers to then carry the baton for a brief period of time in order to convince those we educate after all this time, that indeed, we have been correct in our assessments.  It is my belief only that within the next 7 days, this will become WORLDWIDE NEWS!!!

Secondly:  It is my opinion that if Trump does indeed step back into office, this will not only trigger the “TAKEDOWN”, as I have been calling it, but the Stock Market Crash, Declassification of the hundreds of sealed indictments leading to the PUBLIC DISCLOSURE of the arrests, both those already conducted but those that still remain.  Rioting will be very intense but the Military will be “SWIFT AND DILIGENT” in their attempts to quell it.

Thirdly:  Saudi Arabia is in talks as we speak with the BRICS Nations to become a member, and I have been of the belief that they will “encourage” the rest of the Middle East to come with them, thereby destroying the last vestiges of the phony and fake fiat Petrodollar.  Iran is about to join as well.

Fourthly:  This will lead to the “FAKE” WW3 scenario in which the still Deep State Countries/NATO will perpetuate the End Game War.  The militaries will not take the bait and ARREST THEM instead.

This is a very rough outlay of what I believe we will be seeing as the weeks progress after Trump “PUBLICLY” steps back into the Presidency.  It’s up to your discernment as to whether this is a Psy-Op or a masterful operation, but after all these years of following “Q”, it is my belief that it truly is ordained.  Yes, like all of us, we had to call them out, but for me, it was never about “Q”, it was always “THE PLAN”, and that as a believer, I felt that they overplayed their hand.  You and you alone must search inside yourselves and can choose to believe in it or not, but based on many, many years spent in this game, I truly believe that God is in control, and this plan has his blessing, for what it’s worth.  

Just know that I pray for each and everyone of you, that though we’ve never met, I consider you all my brothers in arms!!  For me, if Trump does indeed step back into office, I will personally have been “SHOWN” and therefore will believe unquestionably that the Whitehats truly are who they say they are.  

I truly love you all and deeply respect each of your decisions.



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