Stunning evidence that convinced a skeptical magician

More remarkable evidence from Louie Harris’ book about Alec Harris, the superb Welsh materialization medium, who died in 1974. “On one notable occasion Mr. A.G. Fletcher-Desborough, an expert magician who was an arch-skeptic attended a sitting.

As he reported later in the Liverpool Evening Express ‘as an illusionist and magician, I knew exactly where to look for such things as panel and floor escapes, ceiling and wall slides. I was satisfied that nothing could make an exit or entrance in any way. There was no chance of deception’. What followed was nothing short of miraculous. The skeptic’s dead father materialized and used a pet name known to nobody but his family. His brother materialized giving his name and walking with a limp as he did in life. Finally, his third son, Ronnie, who had been beheaded by the Japanese after the fall of Singapore materialized.”


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