Tenants of French apartment building say they are being tormented by ghosts

In a very weird story from France, a staggering ten residents of an apartment building in a Paris suburb say that they are being tormented by ghosts. The peculiar haunting reportedly came to light when the tenants, who live throughout the first five floors of the complex, penned a letter to the housing department in the town of Fontenay-aux-Roses, where the building is located. The strange missive states that there is an unbearable amount of paranormal activity occurring in their homes and that they would like for an emergency relocation from the public housing unit so that they can escape the unsettling situation.

According to the troubled tenants, they have repeatedly seen an eerie shadow, described as being “like a kind of cloud,” that wafts through their apartments and is believed to be ghostly in nature. Additionally, they wrote that they have frequently heard disembodied footsteps and have observed objects moving on their own while lights go off and on for no apparent reason. Beyond that unnerving activity, the residents say that their families have all gotten mysteriously ill since the ordeal began unfolding a few years ago and that they have finally had enough of living in what they contend is a haunted building.

Recognizing the strangeness of the residents’ collective plight, one tenant mused “I can be crazy, you can be crazy, but the whole building cannot be crazy.” As for what could have caused the complex to suddenly become a haunted location, they theorize that it could be connected to the 2019 death of a man who lived in one of the apartments and, they say, was something of a mystic who claimed that he could see ghosts. For reasons unknown to them, the unbearable activity began shortly after his passing, the remaining residents lament. In response to their letter, town officials expressed skepticism about their paranormal claims, though the mayor pledged to have the case investigated in the hopes of somehow alleviating the tenants’ suffering.

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