UN Fake News Russia Bashing Report

UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Michelle Bachelet, sold her soul and credibility by operating as imperial tool for hegemon USA — in flagrant breach of her mandate.

The agency is no longer impartial, nor has it been for years.

It abandoned UN Charter principles, while reinterpreting what respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms are all about.

Under Bachelet and her new millennium predecessors, the agency has notoriously served hegemon USA’s diabolical agenda on the world stage.

It’s evident in its June 29 report, titled “Situation of human rights in Ukraine in the context of the armed attack by the Russian Federation.”

Covering the Feb. 24 – May 15 period of Russia’s liberating SMO, it reinvented reality on the ground as follows, falsely saying:

Russia’s “armed attack and associated hostilities led to a grave deterioration in the human rights situation across the country (sic).”

Fact check:

US-occupied — Nazi-infested — Ukraine and areas of Donbass controlled by the US-installed regime are cesspools of grievous human rights violations under tyrannical rule.

Things are worlds apart opposite the above in areas of Ukraine and Donbass liberated by Russian forces.

What Bachelet’s report should have stressed, it ignored.

What it features is based on US/Western-Nazified Ukraine talking points with all-out Russia-bashing in mind — fake news over reality on the ground.

Saying that the period covered by the report included “8,368 civilian casualties, with 3,924 persons killed and 4,444 persons injured” ignored that hegemon USA-dominated NATO and Nazified Ukraine bear full responsibility for the vast majority of harm to civilians.

The report was silent about great care taken by Russian forces to avoid civilian casualties by striking military targets exclusively.

Nor did the report explain that US, NATO and Kiev bear full responsibility for damage to and destruction of “civilian infrastructure and housing…medical and educational facilities,” as well as workplaces and other nonmilitary targets.

The same responsibility applies to large-scale displacement of civilians.

And the report ignored 8 years of good faith Russian diplomacy in support of Minsk I and II conflict resolution agreements.

What Donetsk and Lugansk fully complied with, Kiev flagrantly breached straightaway as ordered by its higher power in Washington.

Nor did the report say anything about over 100,000 US-controlled Ukrainian forces mobilized last Feb. in preparation to invade the breakaway Donetsk and Lugansk republics bordering Russia, as well as the Russian Republic of Crimea.

Moscow responded defensively, it legal UN Charter right.

It acted to prevent what could have been disastrous.

Its aim is demilitarizing and deNazifying Ukraine, along with protecting its security and liberating Donbass entirely from Nazified occupation.

Instead of laying blame where it belongs, the report falsely blamed Russia for crimes of war and against humanity committed by the US/West and NazifiedUkraine.

It lied accusing Russia of “unlawful killings, including summary executions” in areas its armed forces control.

It wrongfully blamed Moscow for the made-in-the-USA, Kiev implemented Bucha false flag.

It turned reality on its head, falsely accusing Russia of “arbitrary detention(s) and enforced disappearance(s) of representatives of local authorities, journalists, civil society activists and other civilians (sic).”

And despite citing no credible evidence because none exists, the report accused Russian forces “conflict-related sexual violence (sic).”

Virtually everything the report falsely accused Russia of, the US/West and Ukraine bear full responsibility for.

In response, Russia’s Foreign Ministry spokeswoman, Maria Zakharova, said the following:

The Russia-bashing report by the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights “is beyond the (UN Human Rights Monitoring Mission in Ukraine’s) mandate because neither the UN Human Rights Council, nor the UN General Assembly instructed this monitoring mission to report on this issue.”

“We consider untenable its references to the resolutions adopted by the HRC and the UN General Assembly at the prompting of Kiev and its Western patrons to justify this (so-called) ‘study.’ ”

“The HRMMU was established in 2014 on the basis of a bilateral memorandum of understanding between Kiev and the UN High Commissioner on Human Rights with a view to helping Ukraine resolve its human rights issues.”

“However, during its eight-year presence in Ukraine, this mission focused on justifying Kiev’s punitive actions and glaring violations of the human rights of the people in southeast Ukraine.” 

The politicized June report is unrelated to facts on the ground.

Instead of truth and full disclosure, it’s a pro-Western, pro-Nazified Ukraine Russia bashing hatchet job.

It ignored indisputable eyewitness testimonies, along with photo and video evidence of Kiev-committed war crimes and atrocities.

The UN’s so-called High Commissioner for Human Rights and office she represents should be shut down.

Time and again, the OHCHR proved that it operates as an imperial tool in flagrant breach of truth-telling and its mandated mission.

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