COVID – Where Do We Go From Here?

If you’re feeling the fatigue of navigating the news during COVID you’re not alone. I personally know a lot of people who feel this way. But given what has happened over the last few years through the decision making of government, is how a good time to stop paying attention? This is a tough question, because in many ways it’s healthy to know when to say enough, but when the stakes are as high as they are now, surely we have to stay in the game no?

My Guests today are Dr Madhava Setty and David Helfrich. Madhava is a physician who has been actively engeged in examining and reporting on COVID related literature since the onset of the pandemic, and David is a lawyer who has been curiously reflecting on the nature of COVID restrictions and their affect on rights, as well as much of COVID literature in general.

We’ll talk about COVID news fatigue, the value of information, some key takeaways we must consider when looking at the COVID era, and as always we’ll get into a deeper set of philosophical and metaphysical questions asking whether COVID has applied an evolutionary pressure for the consciousness of humanity.

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Author: Joe Martino

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