Five Stories You’re Missing While Obsessing Over The “Current Thing”

by Don Via, Jr., Activist Post:

In recent years and months it has become apparent that more often the attention of the American public is easily diverted. With increasing frequency we are seeing attention spans decrease, swaying incoherently from one curated narrative to the next, often irrational and logically inconsistent, to align with the “current thing” that establishment officials and their obedient talking heads on the ‘tell-lie-vision’ proselytize.


The new “current thing” takes the place of the old “current thing” in a seemingly never-ending game of Simon Says: Empire Edition. In just a month’s time we’ve seen virtue signalers exchange Ukrainian flags for Pride Flags, and COVID hysteria for monkeypox hysteria, with a smattering of gun control hypocrisy in between; shifting back and forth from “No one needs an AR-15!” to “Weapons for Ukraine!”, and “all cops are racist!” to “Only cops should have guns”.

All aided and abetted by an establishment media all too willing to participate in the degradation of common sense so long as it bolsters their abysmal ratings. It is tiresome for the intellectually competent.

But under the fanfare of these ridiculous charades a number of actually important news stories are either being ignored or at the very least obfuscated in favor of these insufferable ineptitudes.

Here are five stories you’re missing while obsessing over the “current thing”.

1.) What The Hell Is Even Going On In Ukraine?

It seems with the “current thing” moving from Ukraine, to monkeypox, to guns, to pride, and so on that the fervor behind #StandWithUkraine is rapidly losing its zeal. Sure there is still a smattering of coverage here and there. A brief mention on the evening news, but it certainly isn’t the apex of awareness that it was even a month ago.

It’s almost frightening how quickly the public attention span can shift nowadays from one arbitrary point of focus to the next at the drop of a dime. Case and point with Ukraine. We haven’t seen Americans stop caring about a war this fast since the Pentagon murdered an entire innocent family during the withdrawal from Afghanistan…

And while the military-industrial complex continues churning out billions of our tax dollars to keep the war machines newest play thing in the swing, the managers of empire may have their own motives for diverting public gaze away from the conflict in Eastern Europe.

To put it bluntly, Ukraine is losing.

This has been the case for quite some time, but since the recent capture of Mariupol saw the fascist holdouts of Azovstal surrender in the hundreds, it has been painfully obvious. And where once Western media was rife with headlines of “Russia is losing”, that narrative is quickly diminishing.

Some of the media have tried their best to keep the ardor alive, at least enough to continue securing weapon shipments, publishing some of the most audacious atrocity propaganda in recent memory; such as the completely unsubstantiated assertion that Russian troops are using sexual assault as a weapon of war en masse. A claim so outlandish and unfounded that even Ukraine’s own parliament was forced to remove the official who made the accusations.

Meanwhile, the US establishment and corporate press seem as though they are slowly beginning to distance itself from Zelensky. In recent days, criticisms of Ukraine’s government are beginning to creep into corporate discourse.

On June 8th the New York Times published a piece titled “US Lacks A Clear Picture of Ukraine’s War Strategy, Officials Say”. As the article goes on it begins to assert the all too familiar narrative of “intelligence failure”.

Painting a picture that any losses in Ukraine fall at the feet of the intelligence community, hindered by Zelensky’s reluctance to share information with them.

On June 10th, the Associated Press published a piece regarding remarks from Joe Biden essentially throwing Zelensky under the bus by claiming the Ukrainian president “didn’t want to hear” any warnings from the US leading up to the invasion.

Around that same time reports were also published of Ukrainian officials admitting not only that ammunition is low and they are now nearly entirely dependent on Western armaments, but also openly acknowledging they’re now at risk of losing the Donbass region.

While a recent piece from The Hill notes that Biden had informed Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin and Secretary of State Anthony Blinken to “tone down” the vocal support for Ukraine back in April after the two publicly affirmed the Biden Administration’s desire for Ukraine to win and weaken Russia. Concerned that such a position would “set unrealistic goals” and possibly pull the US into a direct conflict with Moscow.

The sentiment of Western culture and media slowly losing interest in Ukraine is even making its way on mainstream media along with begrudging acknowledgements that Ukraine is in fact losing. On June 19th, Former Deputy National Security adviser KT McFarland spoke with Fox News regarding the progress of the war, stating;

“Ukraine is losing this war slowly, bitterly, grindingly, with terrible results. I think the quicker this war ends, or the fighting of it ends, the better.”

A sentiment also reflected by intelligence analyst and former Vice Chair of the CIA’s National Intelligence Council, Graham Fuller, as his recent analysis reflects on the miscalculations by Washington as the ill-tide of the conflict is putting a strain Europe’s eagerness to be dragged into another costly quagmire to back US unipolar hegemony.

Though despite this, so long as the US can manage to facilitate and prolong its proxy war it will do so. A recent report from the Washington Post indicates that Washington along with a few staunch war hawk allies intend to protract and drag out the war for as long as possible, as previously predicted by yours truly, and as noted by Antiwar’s Kyle Anzalone. Even more recently, the G7 has also affirmed its resolute desire to proliferate the conflict.

At this years G7 meeting, EU chief Ursula von der Leyen declared —

“We will stand with Ukraine for as long as it takes. The negative global impact of Russia’s war will be front and center of our exchanges at the G7.”

Stating plainly the West’s intentions of grinding this war down to the last Ukrainian they’re willing to sacrifice, and also to the detriment of their nations own economies so long as the American war machine is satisfied.

Meanwhile, a recent piece from the New York Times has openly confirmed that US Special Forces as well as CIA personnel are in fact on the ground in Ukraine. Not only dispelling claims from the Biden administration that there would be no US troops on the ground in Ukraine, as well as contradicting its own previous reporting, but also putting the final nail in the coffin of the claim that this is not a US proxy war.

While it is still not yet certain whether or not a decisive end of the war will come about anytime soon, as Ukraine admits it is now suffering up to 1,000 casualties a day, it is becoming clear even to some ardent war hawks that a slow, grinding defeat is a highly plausible outcome, worsened only by Washington’s hubris and imperial machinations.

2.) The Supply Chain  Continues To Collapse

Another iteration of  “current thing-ism” seizing the public consciousness is the all too familiar divide and conquer rhetoric currently dominating public dialogue is over who is responsible for the skyrocketing gas prices (hint, it’s both big government and big oil; and while most people argue over one or the other the true culprits who control both of them are laughing their way to the bank).

But underneath this, America’s supply chain and critical infrastructure is being crippled. Whether or not certain aspects of this is being done intentionally can still be hotly contested, and is. But one thing is for certain, the overall manufactured crisis we previously warned of is worsening.

After several months and a multitude of dubious instances that have resulted in numerous food manufacturing and processing facilities being destroyed, it was reported on the 14th of June by Zero Hedge that yet another food processing plant had erupted in flames.

In Waupaca, Wisconsin a massive blaze tore through a pizza-making plant.

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