Former Trump Lawyer Cobb: Trump Deserves Blame for 1/6 — His ‘Criminal Activity’ Worthy of DOJ Probe

Former Trump administration attorney Ty Cobb said Thursday on CNN’s “Erin Burnett OutFront” that former President Donald Trump’s “criminal activity” after the 2020 presidential election is worthy of an investigation by the Department of Justice.

Burnett said, “In this case, do you think Trump deserves blame for January 6?”

Cobb said, “Yes, I think the president certainly deserves some blame for what happened. He charged up the crowd, you know there have been reports about, knowing they were armed and his refusal to take out some incendiary rhetoric where he urged the crowd to fight for him on the Hill. I think, you know, it’s certainly justifiable and important that the country look into this and dig out the details but in a word, does the president deserve blame? Yes.”

On Trump’s criminal responsibility, Cobb said, “I think that, from everything I’ve seen and heard, thanks to the good reporting on all of this, that there are some serious facts out there, the phone calls to Raffensperger and Mr. Bowers concern me greatly, the demand to find 11,470 votes is of concern to me. The efforts in both Arizona and Georgia, I think, present difficult choices for the Justice Department. I also think the fact that are evolving that Hutchinson testified to. I think it sounds like, if true, Pat Cipollone advised the president that there were serious criminal concerns at issue before he took certain actions. I think that is very problematic.”

He added, “I mean, I think you’ve got issues of defrauding the United States with regard to the vice president issue and the ‘Big Lie.’ You’ve got potential obstruction, influencing a witness, and of course, you’ve got seditious conspiracy. If indeed, they can tie all of those pieces together. I think that will be difficult on the sedition, but I do think there’s certainly other criminal activity worthy of investigation.”

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