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Reader Post | By KS

You need to understand that Everything that Nightwisp just explained to you SCRIPTURALLY is 100% CORRECT!! The Word tells us that after the death of Jesus Christ, NO SCRIPTURE is of any Private Interpretation. NONE.

Throughout the Old Testament, Everyone who believed in Jehovah/God, HAD TO go before The Priests and make Offerings unto God for the intercessory Prayers of the Priests Between the family Making that “Atonement” sacrificial offering and God himself IN THE TEMPLE, and upon the Alter of Sacrifice. Meaning ONLY those Priests could enter into the Holy of Holies (where the Alter of Sacrifice was) to Pray unto God on that family’s behalf for that FORGIVENESS to be recognized and accepted OR DENIED by God. And that offering Only Applied to That specific family, and Every family of the House of Israel had to follow suit. Meaning during the time of ATONEMENT/OFFERINGS being presented to the Priests, had to happen every year. BUT at no other time could the Offerings unto God be made by the Priests of the Temple in that Earthly Holy of Holies for ANYONE. This was all during that time when God Would use Prophets like Daniel, Ezekiel and so forth, to give his visions and messages to mankind so that HIS Will could be broadcast throughout the land unto His People.

BUT, The Entire NEW TESTAMENT, was all about moving into a New Covenant with mankind. One where Jesus’ Death/Crucifixion Wrent the Veil of that Old Testament (which also Means Covenant) and Did Away with the OLD to bring in the NEW! Along with that New Covenant/Testament, those 7 Spiritual GIFTS that the Old Testament Priest/PROPHETS used, Were in FACT Done Away With! MEANING, from That point on, there was NO NEED for Any Priest OR ANYONE ELSE, to come before God for me and my family, or you and your family, or anyone else’s family as was the case in the Old Testament. Meaning, I do not need Anyone, to “Interpret” ANYTHING from God given to me Any Further after Jesus Death. He can and WILL, Speak to Me directly. He will not tell ME, what YOU need to do because I DON’T KNOW what You Need. He Does. I can go straight to God MYSELF and ask Forgiveness, or make Atonement for my sins and HE will speak DIRECTLY TO ME AND ME ALONE!! But that is Just FOR ME! The Forgiveness he gives ME, is Not FOR YOU or anyone Else. And he will Not Give anyone else any “so called PROPHECIES” FOR ME or for YOU or for anyone. Because those were all done away with at Jesus’ Death when the Veil to the Temple was Wrent and the Access to the Holy of Holies was torn down for ALL OF US to use as we needed to! Which, is why the Apostle Paul, told us to Pray Without Ceasing. Pray wherever you are, Whenever you Need to, and as often and for as Long as you need to. You don’t need a Priest/Preacher/Pastor/GURU to do this.

Paul was Explaining this in Corinthians because the church at Corinth, was still trying to INSIST certain things still had to be done like the Old Testament Priests did them. WHICH WAS A LIE that he exposed by doing so in his writings. The Old Testament Priests, did not want to LOSE POWER and CONTROL over the people. The CABAL/VATICAN/POPE were these so called “Gate Keepers” of the Temple! Which is exactly why the Catholic Church is Still set up in the exact same fashion AS THE OLD TESTAMENT Church was. Which is why they still have the same Rituals of Atonement Once a year (Communion) and how they claim it STILL Must go thru THE PRIESTS/POPE/BISHOPS as that Intercedent Priest unto God. This is exactly how the Vatican ushered in or CONTINUED if you will, their Reign/TYRANNY over the people Until today! That is why the NEW CHURCH that Jesus brought forth, has NEVER been part of That OLD SYSTEM/VATICAN/CATHOLIC church. The DS/Cabal of Today that we are dealing with, is That SAME Old Testament System we are trying to finally Be RID OF! Why do you think the Vatican and Royals are all so deeply engulfed in these Rituals?? Because those Old Testament Priests of the Temple, NEEDED BLOOD SACRIFICES!! But since they would Not Relinquish their Power and Control of the people at Christs’ Death and the Undoing of the OLD TESTAMENT and all it’s ways, they turned to Satan but continued with their sacrifices/Blood offerings. Which is the whole issue pertaining to the AdrenoChrome and Murderings/Human Trafficking of today.

We do not Need anyone to go before God For Us since Christs’ death, burial and resurrection. And God, WILL NOT tell YOU what he intends FOR ME. I no longer have NEED of any “Priest”/Preacher or PROPHET for any of that. Because those GIFTS were Done Away With FOREVER, when the Temple Veil was Wrent/Destroyed! So anyone Claiming, after Christs’ Death, to have Some “PROPHECY” FOR YOU, Or For ME, or ANY of those 7 Spiritual Gifts, IS A LIAR according to Everything Taught in the Bible about the matter. That’s NOT MY OPINION EITHER. It’s THERE! But you have to STUDY to Show yourself Approved unto God, a Workman who can RIGHTLY DIVIDE (Understand) the Word of TRUTH. As Timothy teaches! The same goes for anyone Claiming to have “The GIFT of Tounges” or any of those gifts that were done away with at Golgotha! A False Prophet and one who should NOT be listened to AT ALL according to the Scriptures.

I KNOW that is going to Piss Off a LOTTTT of people who Insist people like Kim Clement and so many more Are giving GODLY Prophecies, BUT THEY ARE NOT. Don’t Take MY WORD on it either! Get in the book and Actually STUDY IT for YOURSELF! Dig Deep!! It’s There for anyone actually TRYING to Find it! And I KNOW already, how this CABAL/VATICAN/EVIL, has Yes over the years Re-Written/Twisted/Edited a Lot in the Bible (Yes even that 1611 King James Bible and ALLLLLL the Others as well) for Their Own Evil Devices, but That part is still in there. You just have to look and Use some Study References like a good Study Bible, A DICTIONARY and a Good Concordance all open at the same time so you yourself can Check some meanings and definitions and do some Cross referencing of things as you go along.

Don’t be upset with ME for what IS IN THE BIBLE. I didn’t write it. BUT IT’S THERE! We don’t get to Pick and Choose just the Bits and Pieces of it we WANT to Listen to or take as TRUTH. Truth is neither Positive Energy Nor Negative Energy. It just is what it is. TRUTH! So everyone saying that people like myself and others on here are “Being Negative” or whatever, Do Not Understand what TRUTH REALLY IS! Truth, can be good or bad, Negative or Positive. Makes no difference either way. It’s STILL TRUTH. 

Maybe this will help someone who may need to hear it, maybe it won’t. IDK. But there it is none the less.

Signed, Reader KS  


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