(Reader: KS) Response to Rambo about “Operation End Game Protocols Activated, Part 2”

Reader Post | By KS

Brother, I Do appreciate your zeal, endurance and fervor in your personal fight and efforts, as do many of us. But here is the thing For ME at least from your post this morning. I mean, I know OF Phil Godlewski and have heard several use him as a source/reference in much of this. But WHO IS THE MAN?? I mean, he came out of Nowhere (as did ALL of them) and from what I have gathered, i have zero reason to believe him, or any of the other “Truthers” out there as being given Private Intel from any Legitimate Military “Source” as it were. What is his connection in all of this? Who is he? Why use someone we had never even Heard of until about 6 or 7 Months ago to give such “HIGH UP” Intel?? I’m NOT Saying he’s Not Legit, or Any of the others. But this Makes No Logical Sense at all! I’m a Vet, and I would Never have “Take Orders” from some Civilian about Anything over what my Military Officers and NCO’s had given me! No Military Contractor, has Ever had authority to ORDER a Soldier to do anything that is contrary to their superiors or the Constitution. Although you and i Both Know this HAS been allowed over the years.

But yet again brother, there is No Way that WE The People, can VERIFY or Corroborate ANY of that in order to, as you said, Carry that torch for a bit! That Still is NOT Giving us Any REAL Evidence of Anything brother! None! It’s just Him SAYING it’s so. I’m NOT going to change my course just because HE SAID Such and Such from someone about some Rumor! From everything I have heard from Phil so far, is about (to me) as Useless and as much Disinformation as the supposed INTEL from Any Other Truther and their “Military Sources”. So I’m Sorry brother, but this does Zero for me in giving any sort of Encouragement. Thus far brother, Phil’s credibility to me, is Nada, Zip, Zero, Zilch, NONE. Because I haven’t found with him (like all the others) one thing that I can Myself, go research and corroborate to BE TRUE and Factual. So I’m not about to change my mind on him and his “Intel” because of what HE SAYS. He like all the others, can Say this and Say that. But still, with Zero PROVABLE evidence, it does nothing and we Still have NO Torch that CAN be carried. It’s just one more reason that others will see us all as NUTS EVEN WORSE than before brother!

Until these so called White Hats, PROVE IT in MSM for All of the Whole World to see, NOBODY will Believe a damned thing, and Nobody Further will WAKE UP. And quite frankly, Many More of us, will continue to turn their backs to this whole BS Sh*tshow and be done with it as I am about to do completely. So honestly, again brother, I appreciate your efforts in Everything, but this changes Nothing about how many of us feel and that, is all at the feet of These White Hats and the “Alliance”. When you go to a club dancing, the DJ in control of the Music, is the ONE Person who Sets the Mood and Energy level of the entire club of people. These so called White Hats, are the DJ here and They are the ones setting that Energy Level and no one else. Be it Positive Energy or Negative Energy, it all comes down to THEM and them alone here! Phil to me, is someone I’ve never heard of before a few months ago when he Mysteriously came Charging onto the scene with so called, Special Clearances and Special Privileges and Intel that He and he alone had. To me he’s still no more Trustworthy than Charlie Ward, Jaco, Janine, Nick Veniamin or any of the others WE ALL have been keeping up with.

But again, THANK YOU for your Diligence and hard work and efforts in all of this brother. But until it is Out in the Open, Completely and Undiluted Truth, this changes Nothing because we still can’t PROVE IT to anyone else. So it’s still Useless to us In REALITY. Sorry Brother!  Much Respect to you tho brother. I hope I am not taken the wrong way here at all. I’m just still calling a spade a spade and I Will do that until this is over. That’s just WHO I AM as a person. A Realist, searching for Provable, Actual, Factual TRUTH.

Reader KS


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