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Have you ever wondered to yourself: How big was Noah’s Ark? How did Noah fit all the animals onto it and care for them? And how did he even build it?

The Ark Encounter was constructed to answer those questions and more. When you step aboard the full-size Noah’s Ark, you enter Noah’s world and experience Bible history come to life, touring three decks filled with scores of world-class exhibits that allow you to experience what Noah’s life may have been like, meeting him, his family, and the animals on the Ark.

Built and operated by Answers in Genesis – a multi-faceted apologetics (i.e., Bible-affirming) ministry based in Northern Kentucky – the Ark Encounter is a one-of-a-kind historical themed attraction. Stretching 510 feet long, it was constructed according to the actual dimensions given in Genesis 6, making it the largest freestanding, timber-frame structure in the world.

Located near Cincinnati in Williamstown, Kentucky, the Ark (along with its sister attraction Creation Museum) is a high-tech yet wholesome, family friendly park where parents and grandparents can bring children without concern about content and safety. Other features beyond the Ark itself include the Ararat zoo, which continues to grow with the addition of new animals, and zip lines, a restaurant, and an Ark-themed carousel (custom-built in Italy) don the premises.

There have been several recent additions to the park. One of the most sought-after exhibits is the Truth Traveler, a totally immersive 4K virtual reality experience that uses MX4D® Motion EFX to help viewers see the building of the Ark and witness the actual flood. Also, to encourage visitors to stay longer in the area, the Ark and Creation Museum have just announced the brand-new addition of a Bouncer Pass. The feature allows guests three days of unlimited visits to both attractions within one week, plus special parking options, leaving additional time for them to enjoy other things to do in the region.

The Ark will also host “40 Days & Nights of Gospel Music,” the largest Christian music festival in the world. The event will run August 2–September 10, with select days at Creation Museum.

Attendance has been through the roof (giraffe pun intended) to the internationally popular attraction and its sister park. On some Saturdays in the summer, the Ark will draw 9,000+ guests and the museum will welcome up to 4,000 visitors, and this year, both attractions combined to welcome their 10 millionth guest. Last year, the Ark Encounter was named Kentucky’s “most popular attraction” by Attractions Magazine, based on number of Google reviews, and the Ark and Creation Museum have made Northern Kentucky the leading faith-based destination in America, having even been visited by a wide range of internationally well-known people over the years, from President Jimmy Carter and a Nigerian king, to celebrities such as Bill Nye and rock star Ozzy Osborne.

Ken Ham, founder and CEO of AiG and its two attractions, declared: “We’re thrilled with our total attendance number, as visitors come here from around the world. It gives me confidence that 2022 will be our best year, especially as we continue to expand and hold special events.”

With attendance returning to pre-pandemic levels, the Ark has plans for further expansion. The hope is to build a future Tower of Babel attraction that, among other things, will tackle racism issues, showing how all people groups have developed from one biological race. Plans also include the possibility of creating a giant indoor scale model of what Jerusalem may have looked like at the time of Christ (to open perhaps in 2024). A new children’s zoo will open soon as well.

Don’t miss out on holidays at the Ark and Creation Museum. On select dates through December 30, the Ark Encounter and Creation Museum will host free spectacular Christmas programs. Along with tens of thousands of dazzling lights, the Ark’s large Answers Center provides a warm place for guests to enjoy the stunning “Encounter the Wonder” animated show on an enormous 70-foot LED screen, special concerts and programs, and Christmas carol sing-a-longs.

On Easter weekend, the Creation Museum hosts a “living history” event, in which many reenactors donning accurately recreated costumes provide details on the historical background of Easter and Passover in first-century Israel.

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