Biden Comms Staffer Lies About Extremely ‘Senior Moment’ With Teleprompter – Then White House Lies Too

For those who paid attention to President Biden’s attempt at giving a speech on Friday, you may have noticed that the 79-year-old president has gone full Ron Burgandy – reading literally whatever is on the teleprompter, including “end of quote” and “repeat the line” – which were obviously cues for Biden’s ‘inside voice’ and not to be read.

The flubs led to mass ridicule over Biden’s senior moments…

Enter Emilie Simons, Biden’s assistant press secretary (and former Adam Schiff comms director) – who straight-up lies, claiming Biden ackshually said: “let me repeat the line.”

Which earned Simons a nice ratio…

And then she doubled down…

In response, digital strategist Greg Price slows down the clip to emphasize her lie.

The White House also repeated Simons’ lie!

Great job making this go even more viral, Emilie

Then there was this gem:

Meanwhile, today’s press briefing was a hot mess:

Update: Ratio intensifies…

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