Dr. Fab Manzini: Embracing CHANGE key to dealing with post-pandemic depression

(Natural News) Dr. Fabrizio “Fab” Manzini, an author and healthy living expert, said embracing change is the key to dealing with post-pandemic depression.

During a recent interview with Del Bigtree on “The HighWire,” Manzini tackled the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. He said lockdowns imposed to curb its spread negatively affected the mental health and overall well-being of adolescents.

Bigtree noted that today’s generation is goal-driven and resource oriented, which means the idea of where they are going and when will they reach that destination drives them.

Manzini agreed, saying that the current generation is known for wanting “instant gratification.” However, the expert added that the COVID-19 pandemic has brought shocking changes in this generation’s way of living, pushing their goals further back.

“We need to embrace change. When you embrace change, you realize that change is only there to push you in a little different direction that is going to be better for you in the future,” said Manzini. “Now, all of a sudden, you embrace that. You look forward to it, instead of resisting it, which is where a lot of people end up depressed, anxious, and frustrated.”

The author also pointed out that lockdowns and other COVID-19 protocols such as face masks and physical distancing had taken a toll on the lives of teenagers, citing the experiences of his own son.

“His friends were getting so depressed. They were playing with painkillers and opioids, drinking too much and experimenting, maybe with some drugs,” Manzini told Bigtree.


He encouraged the public, especially teenagers’ parents, to understand what’s going on as it drives a lot of the destructive behavior seen in children.

Poll reveals the full extent of COVID-19 lockdowns on mental health

Elsewhere in the show, Bigtree presented the results of the 2021 C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital National Poll, which talked about the emotional impact of COVID-19 restrictions on teenagers 13 to 18 years old.

According to the survey, 46 percent of parents said their teen has shown signs of a new or worsening mental health condition since the start of the pandemic in March 2020. Moreover, parents of teen girls were more likely to say their child had depressive symptoms and anxiety than parents of teen boys. (Related: 60,000 British children suffer from depression due to COVID-19 lockdowns, study finds.)

The poll also found that parents who observed the pandemic’s harms on their teenage children have tried different ways to ease their worries and anxiety. These included relaxing rules on COVID-19 and social media in the family, seeking professional health and using mental health apps.

“Just as young people are at the age of being biologically primed to seek independence from their families, COVID-19 precautions have kept them at home,” said poll co-director and pediatrician Dr. Gary L. Freed.

“Parents play a critical role in helping their teens cope with the stress of the pandemic. One of the most important things for parents to do is keep lines of communication open; ask their teens how they are doing and create the space for them to speak honestly so they can provide help when needed.”

Manzini said parents need to engage their children in activities, even in decision making, instead of just talking to them. He explained: “The problem is when you go into isolation, you have too much time to think. The key thing to deal with this as a parent is engaging in activity, rather than thought.”

The author also urged viewers to make time for their aging family members, such as their parents.

“Studies have shown that the loneliness and the isolation for an elderly person are actually leading them to not only depression and anxiety but to also have an early termination in life because they don’t have a reason for living anymore.”

BeatDepression.news has more about how to deal with depression caused by COVID-19 lockdowns.

Watch Dr. Fab Manzini’s interview with Del Bigtree on “The HighWire” below.

This video is from The HighWire with Del Bigtree channel on Brighteon.com.

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