Dutch Farmers Rise Up In Massive Protests Against Agenda 2030 Climate Measures

by Arjun Walia, The Pulse:

  • The Facts:
    • Huge protests are occurring in across the Netherlands, pulling out tens of thousands of people.
    • Both citizens and farmers are opposing measures that will force farmers to get rid of their livestock to reduce nitrogen emissions.
    • Many farmers will not be able to stay in business, and will be forced to accept government measures and buyouts.
  • Reflect On:
    • Are the climate measures we are seeing around the globe really about what’s best for our planet?
    • Or are they simply being used to put more power, control and money into the hands of the already very wealthy political and corporate elite?

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Huge protests similar to the recent ‘Freedom Convoy‘ in Canada are occurring in the Netherlands. Farmers have taken to the streets in the thousands to protest new government policy set to force farmers to cut emissions of nitrogen, as well as cut their livestock herds dramatically. The Dutch government acknowledged that many farms will simply not make it through this transition and have offered to buy out the farmers.

Farmers who do not comply with the new government regulations can see their properties seized by the Dutch government.

These protests initially began in 2019 but were stunted by the onset of COVID.

According to the lawmakers, emissions of nitrogen oxide and ammonia produced by livestock need to be drastically reduced to meet the climate goals the Netherlands has set. This is especially important close to natural areas that provide habitats for wildlife and endangered plants.

The goal is to cut nitrogen oxide and ammonia emissions by 50 percent across the nation by 2030. The government is calling this an “unavoidable transition” that will drastically improve environmental conditions, especially air, land and water quality, and that farmers will simply have to adapt or deal with the prospect of shutting down their businesses.

In the past, the government has cut the national maximum speed limit on highways from 130 kilometers per hour (80 miles per hour) to 100 kmh during the day as a way of reducing nitrogen oxide created by vehicle engines.

Approximately 40,000 farmers gathered last week to protest the government’s plans. Many arrived in their trucks and tractors to block roads, access points and even borders. Earlier this week, they covered highways, made appearances at town and city halls and, in some cases, have started bonfires outside the buildings.

Our team is not on the scene in the Netherlands to verify, but the government is claiming that these protests are turning violent – farmers on the ground have a different story.

Claims have been made that tear gas has been used in an attempt to subdue the protests. All while there is footage on social media of police firing shots at farmers.

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