Poor people, minorities not as pro-abortion as leftists and mainstream media present them to be

(Natural News) Since the overturn of the Roe v. Wade abortion ruling, the mainstream media (MSM) has made it seem like the Black and Hispanic communities have the most to lose. But Dr. Charles Camosy of Fordham University said the Democratic narrative of pro-life laws in Republican states being cruel to minorities and poor people is problematic on its own.

PBS reported back in May that people from the two groups living in conservative states are far more likely than a White person to have an abortion. Blacks and Hispanics, traditionally at a disadvantage in American society, would be further impacted by individual states’ decisions to further restrict or ban abortions as per “statistics.”

Cathy Torres, an organizing manager with the pro-abortion Frontera Fund, deemed abortion restrictions as “racist” because they directly impact people of color who are already trying to make ends meet. If abortions are made illegal, these already-poor women will likely have the hardest time traveling to other parts of the country to terminate pregnancies or raise children they cannot afford, she added.

However, this narrative pushed by the MSM is not true at all. Economically vulnerable minorities were significantly more opposed to abortion than the “rich white folks,” according to a Gallup poll.

The survey found that only 30 percent of households making less than $40,000 per year agree with the Democratic Party’s official position that abortion should be made legal in all cases. Only 42 percent of respondents said they want abortion to be legal in certain cases, while one in four in the economically vulnerable groups agreed with a blanket ban on abortion.


In comparison, 39 percent of households making $100,000 annually said they agree with abortion totally made legal in all cases. Half of the respondents agreed with abortion being legal in certain cases, while only one in 10 high-earning households wanted a total ban on abortion.

Additionally, the Gallup poll found that people of color were more anti-abortion than non-Hispanic Whites, with the differences starker when asked about their options as pro-life or pro-choice.

Economically vulnerable individuals lean more on the pro-life side while privileged individuals lean more on the pro-choice side. Slightly more people of color also identify as pro-life than pro-choice, while the opposite is true for non-Hispanic whites.

Democrats’ ideals don’t align with those of their voter base

The Gallup poll numbers showed a new insight regarding the U.S.’ state of affairs – those who are said to be most likely to oppose abortion are the ones who are more likely to be structurally coerced into it. Most of the data indicated that the average American is socially conservative and fiscally liberal, but libertarian free markets believe the opposite to be true.

Democrats are nevertheless doubling down on the sexual revolution, not realizing that the majority of non-white voters are not with them when it comes to infanticide or gender-bending. (Related: Abortion is the greatest genocide in human history, and Democrats are its greatest champion.)

Of course, Democrats may find it difficult to believe that non-white Americans may not have the same stand with them when it comes to abortion. Some may even find the very suggestion to be offensive.

However, the reality is that despite amounts of data from the Left insisting that Americans are furious over the overturn of Roe, the U.S. is largely divided when it comes to abortion – with the only exceptions being abortion for rape and incest. For the most part, 49 percent support a ban after six weeks, while a staggering 72 percent support a ban after 15 weeks, which was the same law in question in the Dobbs v. Jackson case.

Democrats believe they have a leg to stand on during the November midterms because of the overturn of Roe v. Wade. However, the abortion agenda is still widely unpopular, including in the economic bracket that they believe they have support from.

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Watch the video below showing how dangerous and life-threatening abortions can be to women.

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