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Greetings from Germany, dear patriots!

“Well, if this article will still be published?”, I thought when I started it (05.07.2022). We will see. In case of need I will write it and it will be published in one of the books. Provided there will still be books, I for one would welcome it. Reading online is quite exhausting, with audio books I feel like someone who has to be read to and notebook reading I don’t like. One ray of sunlight and you can’t see anything. No, a book in your hands is still the best. It’s a matter of taste, I admit.

When I think about the new world, I also keep coming to points where questions arise. Will there still be all these many laws? These millions of regulations issued by some armchair fools? How crooked a banana may be, or a deadwood regulation, regulations on when you may cut trees, composting of household waste, to name just a few examples. Can you imagine our waste management company actually claiming in all seriousness that there is garbage that is not allowed on the compost pile but must go in the organic garbage can. Honestly, what the heck is that? With us everything organic goes on the compost heap. But we are still supposed to pay for a bio garbage can whether we use it or not. This is a schizophrenia that has become more and more widespread in the last decades (the clinical picture of schizophrenia is extremely multifaceted and characterized by a disturbance of the perception and assessment of reality), especially in “authorities” and in “politics”. Outstanding here is the EU. Nothing remains unregulated, everything must have norms, be brought into line. And why? To have a raison d’être and of course to grab coal.

Mark Passio talked about laws in a very long video (a lecture). And he did it really well, built it up argumentatively, to end up with a single commandment/law that we could all live well with each other if we abided by: “YOU SHALL NOT STEAL!” And when I think about it, Mark is absolutely right about that. Let’s see, if I take something from someone, I am stealing, we know that. I harm him and benefit me. The classic theft. But what about other “offenses”?if I hurt someone in an argument, I STEAL their health.

If I kill someone, I STEAL their life. OK, the last example was crass, but it really is the case that every offense, every so-called crime, boils down to the fact that I STEAL. Do your own thinking, you will notice that it ALWAYS boils down to stealing something.

So in the future we need only this one law: YOU SHALL NOT STEAL! We could embellish the whole now still a little bit, in which we say: What you don’t want what others do to YOU, that do also please no OTHER (living being). So don’t steal and cheat another, you also don’t want to be stolen and cheated. Don’t hit another, you don’t want to be hit either. Don’t be unkind, you also want to be smiled at. Don’t be arrogant, you don’t want to have to live under someone else either. Don’t be controlling, you also want to be allowed to decide freely. I could go on like this for pages, but I think you know what I mean. And when I look around in groups or chats, I know that we still have a lot of work to do in this regard before we can become functioning communities. Maybe one or the other will take this article as an opportunity to find out for themselves whether they could already implement YOU SHOULDN’T STEAL. Because our new communities should have as few rules as possible. Otherwise, in ten years we will be back where we are now. In a frenzy of regulation and rules.

Regulations. Do any of you really believe that there will be anyone in our future who will tell us what to do? Not me! As long as I don’t disturb, hurt, steal from anyone, I can do anything I want individually. I can build a star-shaped house if I want to. There no building authority will come any more and make me regulations. If I want to use an antigravity mobile, of course I have to learn how to use it. But do I need a “driving license” from an authority for it? If I own this mobile, why should I pay taxes or insurance for it? You see, not everything needs to be regulated just to make money. Our new nations will not have bloated ministries, committees and governments. Everything will be reduced to a minimum. And if I grow circular bananas, so be it, no more EU will come and tell me I can’t because it’s not THE NORM.

If a restaurant has a dirty or bad kitchen or bad service, no one will eat there anymore. If a craftsman delivers lousy work, no customer will come to him anymore. If someone produces bad things, no one will buy them anymore. I don’t need regulations for this, because today they are only circumvented or loopholes are sought in them that someone can exploit. That’s the way it looks and we don’t want that anymore. We are changing and through that we are also changing our new world. We become more conscious again. Towards ourselves, but also towards others. Through this we will have intact communities in which we regulate everything among ourselves. Without an upper guru, without a boss, without a determiner.

Contracts. Why do people enter into contracts with each other? The vernacular knows, because it says: A contract is only needed by those who want to break it. Let’s take two examples: The first example is a peace treaty. It contains many points that the warring parties decide on together (or the victorious powers) and that are supposed to keep the peace. If one of these points cannot be complied with, or can only be complied with with difficulty, it is included in the treaty for precisely this reason. So that in the event of an (inevitable) violation, war can immediately resume. Perhaps for this reason no peace treaty was made for Germany, we have (had?) only a truce with an occupation construct.The second example is an insurance contract. I had an accident insurance policy. And I had an accident. I broke two toes in the process. The contract said that each broken toe would be paid 100 euros. But I only got 100 euros because, according to the fine print, it was only an accident. What if I had also broken my arm? Also only 100 euros? The insurance company still owes me an answer. The insurance companies conclude contracts with us only to be able to break them in the event of an insurance claim. That’s why there is also the small print. Well, who still knows that? And now ask yourselves whether we will still need insurance in the future.

Life insurance? What for? We get a higher life expectancy because our “earthly vehicle” could last much longer than we are led to believe. If only because all the cabal poisoning is gone, we eat healthier.

Accident insurance? Why? If I hurt myself doing something, I’ll lie down in a medbed or be “repaired” by a transportable “healing apparatus”. This will be so nonsensical to insure a death or an accident, believe it me, insurance will disappear.

Building insurance? Why, I can fix any conceivable damage instantly with new technologies. Car insurance? Legal expenses insurance? Personally, I don’t see any point in it in the future. And the insurance companies will see it that way and disappear. I “insure” you that! LOL!

With an employment relationship, there are also contracts. And how many employees or employers find themselves in court? There are more than we think, especially all in the last two years. So what good are contracts if we have to go to court with everything and everyone? And does the one who was right get justice in court? No, and anyone who doesn’t want to believe that should take a look at a few lawyer series or take a little interest in their fellow human beings who have ended up in court. I had a cruciate ligament rupture in 2001, the hospital operated incorrectly (proven), I sued and received no less than 15,000 euros in compensation for a knee that still doesn’t function properly today. The whole thing after three years back and forth and at least three expert opinions. The hospital violated the treatment contract, made documents disappear and still the judge recommended a “settlement”. The doctors are still operating today.

Then we had a legal dispute with a landlord. He rented us 100 square meters, but the apartment had only 60 square meters of living space. A room in the basement was only declared as a cellar. Four years of lawsuits and negotiations, and we lost. And now we should or want to take contracts with us to the new world?

I believe and think that the world, which is already waiting for us, will not need such things and that contracts, laws and regulations will no longer exist. Because we will also change. Yes, I know, many of you think that we will still need that for a transitional period, but I believe that this is a fallacy. It is related to our consciousness, which is constantly being raised without us always realizing it. Therefore, for many this 3D world thinking will disappear overnight and finally only our word and handshake will count. Lying, cheating, swindling, overreaching and other things will simply disappear and it will be as if they never existed. In the end, YOU SHOULD NOT STEAL will remain, the supreme “law” of a functioning community, no matter how small or large it is.

WWG1WGA!!! Mani wastete yo!

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