Video: Doorbell camera films weird glowing disk hovering over driveway

A puzzling piece of doorbell camera footage from a home in Massachusetts shows a weird glowing disk that hovers over a driveway before zipping out of sight. The peculiar scene reportedly unfolded outside of a residence in the community of Warren early last month. According to the individual who shared the video, the eerie anomaly “suddenly appeared” in front of their friend’s house at around 4 AM on May 4th and was “hovering, jumping, pulsating, and emitting a beam of light. Then, in a fraction of a second, took off rapidly leaving a light trail.” The person’s mystified companion subsequently gave them the footage, which wound up online this week.

The person’s description of the video is fairly accurate as, in the footage, the disk-shaped illumination mysteriously appears over the driveway and floats in the air with its brightness increasing and decreasing. The curious object only lingers outside the home for a few seconds before it takes off and leaves a slight streak of light in its wake. The unidentified source of the video also notes that the “home security camera picks up infrared at night so the color of the light is unknown. The size is unknown but it could be about the size of a large beach ball” and they also point out that the object appeared to be silent, since one can clearly hear crickets in the video.

As for what the object could have been, setting aside the possibility that the anomaly was some kind of alien craft on a late night excursion, skeptical-minded observers would likely suggest that the oddity could have been a bug that appears to be out of the ordinary due to being out of focus in the footage. That said, the solid nature of the spherically shaped object and its intense illumination makes the insect hypothesis a bit hard to fathom. Of course, another potential explanation is that the UFO is merely a well-crafted hoax. With that in mind, what’s your take on the perplexing home security camera footage? Weigh in with your thoughts at the Coast to Coast AM Facebook page.

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