(Reader: Doc P) Solid Hope Better than False Hope

Reader Post | By Doc P

First, thank you to TJB and KS for the kind words and I haven’t heard “Hero to Zero” since Afghanistan in 13-14, lol.

My fellow Patriots, Americans and those around the World that visit here, I have no website, no blog, and although I have a FB account, I have boycotted it since my third censoring suspension for trying to publish the Pfizer documents and the international courts decision on “Murder by Decree”.  In both cases there were official documents of proof which were immediately censored from the public and my account locked.  Yet for the most part I have remained in the background and only use operation disclosure to write findings and observations.  Many here use initials or nicknames, but this will actually be me coming into the Light.  We should never fear anyone, anywhere in this world for the belief in God given Liberty and the demand for fair Justice that is blind towards the persons standing and punishes equally all that should be held accountable for their crimes.

I am James “Doc” Powers, served in the Army for twelve years and spent a total of 35 Months in combat zones of Iraq and Afghanistan as a Combat Medic and Medical SGT, have served jointly with Green Berets, Navy Seals, and in Iraq conducted Asymetrical Warfare Operations to capture the most wanted Insurgency Bomb Makers, conducting night Air Assault raids near the Baghdad Area with Task Force Nightstalkers, out of Taji, Iraq.  I was medically retired in 2015 after my last deployment.

This is the only pic with my call sign Romeo Mike Two.  These missions took place from 2007-2008.

Now that I have introduced myself to the simple logic of my prolonged silence, many of my team mates still serve in high ranking positions to this day and are still put conducting undisclosed operations.  The only true info you will receive from myself or any other source should be after my brothers have completed those missions.

To the Justification of the Justices being under protection by US Marshals is based on the Assassination Attempt on Justice Kavenaugh.  Active Duty Army has no Jurisdiction to conduct any operations on US soil.  Had the ill informed false prophets paid attention to History, Waco TX would ring a bell, when tanks were loaned to the FBI because the military was constitutionally not allowed to assist law enforcement against US Citizens on US soil.

The US Military can only conduct operations under full Military Martial Law, of which the citizens must first be informed of through EBS.

Learn the real rules, that’s for all the false prophets and attention addicts that are feeding off of the despair, pain and depression of those just trying to survive a situation they did not put themselves in and hope for relief.  And for those of you getting rich off of this and getting paid to deceive the people, you are no better than the maggots stream media!

In the end I rather have solid hope with little or no intel report than false hope based on sensationalists lies and deception.  It is easier to expect nothing and be overjoyed when something happens than to set great expectations and be crushed by the disappointment when they do not happen. At least that is how I am able to see every day as a gift no matter how bad these dirtbags try to make it.  My Liberty is mine, to responsibly and lawfully do whatever must be done, or when not to comply.  My Liberty does not come from the Government, it does not come from the people.  It was given by God to Humankind.  Some of the Demons in Government need to learn where their power comes from and what happens when The People take it back.

May Gods Grace and protection be upon all of you,

Your Truly,

James “Doc” Powers


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