Impossible To Deny The Severity Of The Mess America Is In With Reports Of $10 Loaves Of Bread – It’s Here And Not Getting Better And It Is Time To Get Back To The Basics

by Susan Duclos, All News Pipeline:

Many Independent Media readers have been prepping for everything from the possibility of power outages, to disastrous weather events, EMPs, terror attacks or just a winter storm that could force a short term shelter-in-place decision just to be on a the safe side.

Then the shortages began, then the gas prices spiked, and then we saw what has been dubbed as “Biden-flation” of products across the board from clothing to electronics and most importantly, food.

Preppers went to work adding items to their storage, foods that were seeing rapidly rising costs and/or shortages, as well as dairy powders, cheese, milk, heavy cream and eggs, as images of empty shelves became the rule rather than the exception in many cities/states/stores.


Regular readers didn’t need that brief recap, but it seemed prudent to offer it to bring us where we are at today for any newer readers/lurkers/commenters.

Reader Image: NY Farmer’s Market

When a readers from NY sent the image above with many others, showing the prices at the Farmer’s Market, we knew the Russia/Ukraine war, affecting the exports of two of the largest wheat exporters, was affecting prices, and worse was yet to come.

A recent Bloomberg story titled “Bread for $10 Is the New $5 Gas as Demand Wanes for Basics,” offers some very interesting news on the inflation front, especially for items like breads, and wheat-based products.

Some key quotes from that Bloomberg piece before we move along.

• Amid the highest US inflation in four decades, bread prices have soared this year, pushing more premium options to an unheard-of $10 a loaf and beyond.

• “It’s kind of like a punch in the nose,” said Mark Cohen, director of retail studies at Columbia University. These are prices “nobody has seen before” and have the same impact as gasoline hitting $5 a gallon, he said.

• But the cracks in demand are spreading to basic goods. Shoppers are skipping the bread aisle, with unit purchases from US grocers declining 2.7% over the past year through July 2, according to data from NielsenIQ. Americans have also bought less milk and eggs from retailers over the same period, though a portion of all these declines can be chalked up to a return to eating out.

• If realized, the latest US production estimate for hard red winter wheat, relied on to make bread flour, would be the lowest since at least the mid-1980s due to a lack of rain. The size of the crop being harvested in states like Kansas has been slashed after drought that baked fields farther north last year hit parts of the Central Great Plains.

When the MSM finally acknowledges the severity of food issues like this, it means the problem has gone from bad to critical already.

Via The New York Post:

At a Whole Foods in Manhattan, bread prices listed online ranged from $3.49 for a standard loaf of classic white bread to $6 and beyond for premium offerings. A one-pound loaf of Base Culture nut and seed bread cost $10.49.

Fairway Market offered similarly steep prices, with a bag of King’s Hawaiian Sweet Rolls price at $10.19 and a classic brioche listed at $7.99. Loafs of white bread ranged up to $7.49, depending on the brand and size.

Once again, Independent Media readers were ahead of the curve, preparing for the day when it just made no sense to purchase wheat products at the continuously rising prices, and just start learning to go back to a time when baking breads and making  pastas was the norm.

Some have been waiting to see if these issues corrected themselves.

They haven’t.

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