‘Prep With Mike’ video highlights folding rifle/pistols for self-defense in top-level gear review

(Natural News) “Prep With Mike” video series creator Mike Adams, the founder and editor of Natural News and hundreds of other sites, has just published a top-level gear review that focuses on folding pistols that can double as rifles in any self-defense situation.

The gear review begins with an introduction to the weapons Adams, a.k.a. the Health Ranger, prepares to review while noting in no uncertain terms that all of his weapons are legal and that viewers should always consult local laws before purchasing any firearms to ensure compliance. [See more gear reviews at PrepWithMike.com]

Adams then makes reference to the recent school massacre in Uvalde, Texas, while pointing out that police refused to act for roughly 77 minutes while the shooter remained inside two classrooms and murdered 19 children and two adults — a perfect example, he said, of why you should not rely on others to defend you in your time of need.

“These are more easily carried in your vehicle,” Adams noted as he began his review of folding pistols, once again reminding viewers, however, that those types of firearms may or may not be legal in their city or county, adding a reminder to check local ordinances.

“But where they are legal, this gives you a lot of convenience in being able to carry something that is compact, but then you can deploy it when needed,” he said, making reference to the fact that folding pistols are higher caliber and have a large magazine capacity, making them excellent for self-defense.

Adams noted that of the several folding pistols that he was demonstrating, his favorite by far is one built by ShieldArms.com, though he also is impressed by another model manufactured by MaximDefense.com, the latter of which isn’t a true folding pistol but is very compact and comes with an extending stock.


He also noted that several of the weapons come in various calibers including .556/.223, 7.62×39, and .300 blackout.

Adams went on to explain what he liked and did not like with each model, explaining in detail how the weapons functioned, why some were more cumbersome and clumsy than others, and what made his preferred choices stand out.

For instance, one Sig Sauer model took far too much time to break out and deploy thanks to the way it is set up. Another Sig model deployed much more readily but it is heavy which makes it more difficult to handle. Also, the length of the extender buttstock cannot be adjusted on some of those models.

In addition, some models of Sig can be expensive to buy and outfit with various gear such as lights, sights and other accessories like suppressors. And, many models are simply hard to get, meaning that parts likely would be as well if something went wrong with one of them.

That said, the Health Ranger made it clear that he believes Sig Sauer produces superior firearms and admitted that he is especially a fan of Sig handguns.

“If Sig would just have better availability and a little more affordability, I think that would be great,” Adams said.

Saving his most favorite for last, Adams showcased his Shield Arms folding pistol as the one that is the most compact, the easiest to deploy, the lightest and the better overall platform.

He also said that he is a fan of the fact that the Shield Arms model contains largely “standard AR-15 parts” which means on the rare occasion that something may break or need to be replaced, downtime for the weapon is greatly reduced because parts are far more plentiful.

Adams’ demonstrations are informative and will go a long way toward helping viewers make a smart decision regarding their future purchase of a folding pistol.


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