A special reader contacts me

“Today, 45,000 Chinese soldiers disembarked from barges in the Santa Monica Bay and walked ashore…”

Jon Rappoport

The email arrived last night.

Cc: Gavin Newsom

—Dear Jon, My name is Li Po Schwartz. I’m a colonel in the Chinese Army with dual American-Chinese citizenship. I’ve been living unnoticed in Beverly Hills for the past 15 years. Finally I can step out of the shadows.

Today, 45,000 Chinese soldiers disembarked from barges in the Santa Monica Bay and walked ashore. Governor Gavin Newsom was there to welcome them.

The press isn’t covering this, so I thought I’d give you and your readers an exclusive.

Our mission has several objectives, in concert with Newsom’s (poorly executed) policies. In each case, he’s attained partial victories, but now we’re going to take it all the way. Because, after all, we’re out to destroy America.

We’re going to open the California-Mexico border to the max. There will be 15 lanes devoted entirely to cartel traffic. Cocaine, meth, heroin, and most importantly, deadly fentanyl. These lanes will also accommodate cartel-smuggled migrants and supervisors tasked with setting up well-armed cartel enclaves on US soil, in every state. It’s time.

The entire state of California—not just select cities—will become a sanctuary for migrants from all over the world. California officials will no longer cooperate with federal immigration agents on any level. Local CA bureaucrats and politicians who balk will be neutralized.

Catch and no-bail release will become the standard for all felons in the state. Commit a crime; submit to a ceremonial arrest; walk.

We will facilitate the exodus of tax-paying citizens (especially the rich) who seek to flee the state for Texas and Florida. Eventually, this enhanced program will radically deplete state coffers. Beijing will step in and make a deal to inject massive cash into the state Treasury—under the condition that California agrees to turn over control of its entire government bureaucracy to China.

We’ll train street criminals in more effective strategies of smash-and-grab and home invasions. This sector is in sore need of organization.

We’ll enforce—as only we can—new lockdowns, mask and vaccine mandates, and wall to wall remote surveillance programs.

Within five years, California will adopt guaranteed income for every citizen, tied to the Chinese social credit score system. This innovation will stimulate the flow of migrants into the state and take it to unprecedented levels.

There is more, Jon, but you get the picture. I predict that ten years from now, you’ll see a Sinaloa cartel executive rise to the position of Governor of California. Right out in the open. After all, if the people of America are willing to put up with a demented incoherent President, a Sinaloa Governor shouldn’t be a problem.

I think all this is a cause for celebration. People mustn’t be afraid of what we’re doing. Instead of the ding-dong catch-as-catch-can policies of the present Governor, we’ll lay down a resolute set of rules for living. This is what people really want, if they’ll just admit it.

The masses yearn for discipline and structure. We’re the experts.

The poem on the Statue of Liberty had it wrong. The huddled masses are right here at home. We’re going to apply proper guidelines to the huddling and shape it into a logical system.

Jon, the dialogues and conversations you write are closer to the truth than people realize. Old-fashioned straitlaced reporters can’t keep up with the brain-cracking shifts of reality. But look who I’m telling this to. You’re the man, baby.

Best, Li Po

— Jon Rappoport

(Episode 16 of Rappoport Podcasts — “Destroying the Tyranny; Today’s Rebels, Tomorrow’s Leaders” — is now posted. It’s a blockbuster. To listen, click here. To learn more about This Episode of Rappoport Podcasts, click here.)

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