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Ukraine Update by Russia’s Foreign Ministry

According to Russia’s Foreign Ministry Deputy Information and Press Department Director, Ivan Nechayev, (IN below):

Significant progress was made toward liberating Donbass entirely from Nazified occupation.

The Kherson Region, along with “vast areas” of Kharkov and Zaporozhye Regions “have been demilitarized.”

“Life in areas liberated from the neo-Nazis is returning to normal, including the recovery of local industry and agriculture, the restoration of infrastructure and the construction of new residential buildings.”

“Plants (in liberated areas) resumed production.”

“Schools, kindergartens, outpatient clinics and hospitals are opening.”

“Freight and passenger rail services resumed between Crimea and Melitopol.”

“Sea ports in Mariupol and Berdyansk are busy again.”

Humanitarian corridors were established for civilians to leave unsafe areas.

Since Russia’s liberating SMO began on Feb. 24, about 3 million people, including over 450,000 children, crossed into Russia to be safe from Ukrainian Nazi terror attacks and persecution.

As orchestrated and directed by the Pentagon and CIA, Ukrainian Nazis continue to murder and otherwise terrorize Donbass civilians.

At the same time, by repeatedly shelling the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant, the Kiev regime aims to cause “a large-scale industrial disaster” — what Russian air defense systems so far prevented.

Support for Nazified Kiev by the Biden regime and its Western vassals risk setting central Europe ablaze, along with risking direct confrontation with Russia — where their diabolical agenda is ominously heading.

IN stressed what’s indisputable:

It’s outrageous and “disgraceful that  international organizations (mandated) to protect (the rule of law) and human rights (shut) their eyes to the crimes committed by Ukrainian Nazis.”

They include cold-blooded mass-murder, torture, (as well as other) cruel and humiliating treatment of the citizens of Russia, Ukraine, the DPR and the LPR.”

“The High Commissioner for Human Rights in Russia, Tatyana Moskalkova, repeatedly addressed the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, the ICRC, the OSCE ODIHR, and the European Committee for the Prevention of Torture and Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment.”

In vain, “(s)he urged them (to denounce flagrant) Kiev regime violation of human rights.”

Dominant Ukrainian Nazis continue to flagrantly breach universally recognized principles and standards of international law unaccountably.

Their “(m)onstrous cruelty against defenseless people is horrifying” — yet wrongfully blamed on Russia.

Hundreds of surviving victims and eyewitnesses provided indisputable evidence of flagrant Kiev breaches of international law.

They bear testimony to the urgency of Russia’s liberating SMO to demilitarize and deNazify as soon as possible.

“(T)hese goals will be achieved,” IN stressed.

Separately, he explained that Lithuania agreed to end its prohibition against transit between Russia’s mainland and Kaliningrad.

Yet based on its subservience to hegemon USA’s diabolical anti-Russia agenda, it remains to be seen if things turn out this way.

At this time, it’s advisable to hold the cheers.

In response to Biden regime Big Lies about documents signed in Istanbul for free and unobstructed export of Russian and Ukrainian agricultural products — falsely claiming that Moscow will likely breach what it agreed to, IN said the following:

Russia, Turkey and the Zelensky regime are “setting up required mechanisms for delivering on the stated objectives.”

“Russia stands by its obligations and is committed to effectively implementing the Istanbul agreements.”

“Constructive efforts by other countries, including good faith facilitation efforts by the UN and a bona fide approach by the international community, primarily the Western (regimes), will have a very important role.”

Nothing stands in the way of implementing what was agreed on — other than attempts by the empire of lies, its Western vassals and Nazi-infested Ukraine to sabotage it.

What may likely happen ahead will surely and wrongfully be blamed on Russia.

The Biden regime earlier blocked a draft Security Council resolution — welcoming what was agreed on in Istanbul on July 22. 

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