Fret Not, Fact Checkers Reassure Us that White House Did Not Change Definition of “Recession”

by Matt Agorist, The Free Thought Project:

Instagram and Facebook posts rejecting the Biden administration’s new definition of recession have been flagged as false information, which causes massive censorship of those posts.

The standard definition of recession is a negative GDP growth in two consecutive fiscal quarters. However, in an attempt to deny that the US has entered a recession, The White House published an online article with a new definition of recession.

“Both official determinations of recessions and economists’ assessment of economic activity are based on a holistic look at the data—including the labor market, consumer and business spending, industrial production, and incomes,” wrote the White House.


“Based on these data, it is unlikely that the decline in GDP in the first quarter of this year – even if followed by another GDP decline in the second quarter – indicates a recession.”

The post has been criticized on social media, and Meta platforms are flagging the criticism as false information.

Instagram personality Graham Allen posted a video where he asked Siri for the definition of recession. The iPhone assistant defined it as “two consecutive quarters of negative economic growth.”

The video is available, but to watch it users have to click past a disclaimer that says “false information reviewed by independent fact-checkers.” The same label is appearing on some posts on Facebook that reject the White House’s definition of recession.

The third-party fact-checker that flagged the posts is Politifact. The fact-checker claims that it is false to say that “the White House is now trying to protect Joe Biden by changing the definition of the word recession.”

There is no doubt a slew of war crimes currently being committed in Ukraine by the Russian invading forces. War is hell and it drives people on all sides to carry out atrocities which are unthinkable to most.

As this outlet has reported for the last six weeks, Vladimir Putin is a war criminal whose actions have taken the lives of hundreds of civilians in Ukraine, including many women and children. There is no shortage of evidence of these crimes which makes one wonder, why on Earth legacy media would take to faking it, which begs the next question of why fact checkers aren’t fact checking it?

We are told that fact checkers exist to ensure that disinformation and lies do not go viral and so people have a meter pointing them in the direction of the truth. However, time and again, these fact checkers are exposed pushing the establishment narrative — facts be damned — instead of actually seeking that truth.

A telling example of fact checkers pushing narratives rather than seeking facts can be found in a recent tweet and article about an alleged “Russian mobile crematorium” being used to burn “tens of thousands” of bodies, supposedly killed by Russian forces in Mariupol.

“Mobile crematoria in #Mariupol,” the tweet states, claiming that Russia has carried out a mass genocide.

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