11 Year Old Girl Calls Out Klaus Schwab and His Globalist Goons

by American Right TV, Global Research:

In a video that is sure to give anyone hope, an 11-year-old girl calls out Klaus Schwab and the plans of the World Economic Forum (WEF) in one of the most intelligent and well-spoken deliveries that would flaw even some of the greatest speakers in history.

In her almost eight-minute speech, the girl unveils the plans that the globalist elites are wanting to unleash on us – medical tyranny and complete control through digital money – of which could be cut off at their leisure.

There are literally thousands of “white papers” that have been released by globalist organizations, like the WEF and the United Nations (UN) that clearly state what they have in store for humanity – and it isn’t anything good.

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The UN has recently said that they are not under the control of any “Global Elites who run the world” but the very fact that they even acknowledged it in the first place, shows they probably are – why else would they want to push people to “report” “conspiracy theorists” who spread these “lies.”

The fact is, there is a global elite who turn the wheels of humanity to wherever they want it to go, they literally own everything – all the media, the food supply, the supply of oil, gas and energy and our financial systems. Not to mention the politicians that they lobby to push legislation that would be heavily gaged in their favor.

The courage and tenacity of this young girl should be appreciated by all, and should at least inspire enough hope to resist these tyrants who want complete destruction of the world – she has the courage, so should we.

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